Dansk Rotations Plastic ApS

Dansk Rotations Plastic ApS

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About us / DRP

Danish Rotations Plastic ApS was founded in 1965 by Ib Endsgaard.

Danish Rotations Plastic ApS (DRP) is a 100% family owned special factory for rotationally molded plastic.

Ib Endsgaard handed over the control to his children, Michael Endsgaard, Hans Endsgaard and Vicki Endsgaard, in 2001. In present time, they oversee the holding company's daily operations and they are responsible for approximately 20 employees.

With our more than 45 years combined experience in rotational molding, DRP, both in the private and municipal sector, solved many special projects within rotational molded plastic parts.

Therefore with years of experience, we have solid knowledge of the industry, and currently we cover a large part of the Danish and European market.

In 1976, an international association of rotation-moulders formed. It was called "ARM": Association of Rotational Moulders, and DRP has been a member ever since.

Hereby, we have a very large and international network, so DRP is truly one of the pioneers in rotational molding.