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Binar Elektronik AB

Binar Elektronik AB

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Binar Elektronik AB
Binar Elektronik is a product and development company operating in the industrial automation and industrial IT sectors. Founded in 1984, the company is based in Trollhättan and is part of the Binar AB industrial group.
We develop and sell control systems and solutions for advanced industrial applications, focusing on the need among our customers to enhance efficiency and quality-assure their production flows. Our in-depth engineering knowledge is integrated into intelligent products and software that contribute to effective, resource-efficient manufacturing and material management. We have a global customer base, primarily in the manufacturing industry.
Binar Elektronik's operations cover everything from analysis, development and prototype production to manufacturing, logistics and the aftermarket. We have specialised knowledge in electronics and software development as well as process control and automation.

Operating areas
- Production systems
Industrial IT, process control and support systems for resource-efficient, quality-assured production.

- Machine control
High-speed machine control with a high degree of precision.
Electronics development
Electronics and software development with a focus on end-to-end undertakings as part of rational product development.

Product areas
- Control systems
BiFas – rapid, powerful control systems that can be adapted to a whole range of applications.

- Motion control
Frequency converters and servo systems for cost-effective control of electric motors with a high degree of precision.

- Production systems
Products designed to enhance efficiency and quality-assure production flows.


Product news

  • BPS Binar Production System

    Binar has been active since the 80's to automate and streamline production processes. With today's
    Requirements for efficient single-piece manufacturing require a good link between ERP and human / machine. MES
    is an abbreviation of the Manufacturing Executing System, or as we simply say: Support system for efficient production.
    Binar offers a highly flexible and modular system that can be adapted to all types of business systems and
    manufacturing processes. You can see Binar's solutions as an extension of the business system down to the factory floor there
    The value is created.
    A big advantage of Binar's solutions is that it is not just about smart software modules, but also a whole concept
    with smart nodes connected to a network. These nodes are the very connection to the manufacturing process.
    You do not have to go through traditional PLCs to effectively control and measure the process. The result
    is a future-proof solution that can be built in a large number of variants. Contact Binar Electronics to find out
    More about how we can help you increase productivity in just your process.


  • Fieldbook F60 - 6" IP67, Android, Built-In 1D/2D barcode scanner

    Built-In 1D/2D barcode scanner
    6" display with 720x1280 pixels displays all the details even of complex apps. IP67 1.2m drop resistant on concrete and operating temp. -20° to +60°C. At the same time, the screen is protected from scratches and drops by Corning’s Gorilla® Glass. Glove operable!


  • OEE Counter

    Binar's OEE Counter measures machine efficiency and presents it in key performance indicators, KPI that are easy to understand and follow. Bottlenecks are automatically identified and actions can be focused where they do the most good.

  • Takt & Andon Clock "The ultimate starter package"

    Takt- Andon clock to show Takt time, Andon alarm, actual and stop time.
    A complete Stand Alone Takt and Andon system for displaying the number of ACTUAL units produced, BACKLOG, TAKT, STOP, BREAK and ANDON. The system makes you grasp the production backlog, losses are clarified and the important process of continuous improvement is started.

    - Stand Alone system that doesn't require superior system
    - Smart functions – easy to get started
    - Bright LED-matrix with med clear colors
    - May handle rough environment