Seminar program

Tuesday - October 10

Wednesday - October 11

09.15 - 10.00 | 10 October


Digitalization, the future's labor market and leadership

The development within IoT, Artificial intelligence and 

Utvecklingen inom IoT, Artificiell Intelligens och robotics requires a complex and coneccted world. Clauida will share Exponentials insights in how the fourth industrial revolution will affect companies as well as individuals and society. What do we do when the robot can understand what we mean and interpret what we think? How do we create the best possible collaborate between man and the robot?

Claudia Olsson, CEO of Exponential & appointed  "Young Global Leader" av World Economic Forum 2017

09.15 - 10.00 | 11 October


Industry - The Lifeline of Welfare!

My most important message is that Sweden, now more than ever, needs a modern and competitive industry. We must continue to develop innovations and the ability to adapt, competence development and efficiency if we are to have strong welfare in this country.

Marie Nilsson, Federal Chairman, IF Metall

10.15 - 10.45 | 11 October

Peter Eriksson

The meaning of digitilization for the competence provision 

Listen to Sweden's minister of digitilization and his sight of how the digitilization both embrasses and opens up for opportunities within the question of competence provision

Peter Eriksson, minister of digitilization 

10.15 - 11.00 | 10 October


The future of robotics

Today, robots have become a natural part of our daily life, for example, in autonomous cars and self-driven lawn movers, all based on the rapid development of new technology. ABB has developed robots for the manufacturing industry for decades and is a pioneer in industrial robots. In this talk, we will
get inspired by the future trends for industrial
robotics, how new technology will revolutionize
the manufacturing industry, how humans and
robots will collaborate in the future, and by all this,
how ABB develop the future of robotics.

Susanne Timsjö, sales manager, ABB Robotics

10.55 - 11.25 | 11 October

Daniel Gralycke

Smart Factories – realize the potential of digitizing within the industry 

Smart factories - that take advantage of new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data-analytics, artificial intelligence and advanced robot techniques  - are expected to bring 500 billion dollars to the global economy in the next 5 years. Where are the Swedish companies today? What are the possibilities and challenges? How can the company management ensure that investments in smart factories support the business goals and leads to results?

Daniel Granlycke, Digital Manufacturing Lead, Capgemini Consulting

11.30 - 12.00 | 10 October

Ulrika Lilja

The Swedish forest industry - an engine in the growing bioeconomy

With a renewable raw material and basically fossil-free manufacturing processes, the Swedish forest industry has unique prerequisites to advance and drive development towards a sustainable and biobased society.

Ulrika Lilja, Communication director, Stora Enso

11.35 - 12.05 | 11 October


Lean philosophy - the foundation for sustainable improvement work

A successful lean work is not just about the flow efficiency, methods and tools. Equally important is the philosophy and the approach the improvement work is based on. 

Dag Lotsander, former General Manager Toyota Sweden (1999-2008) and Senior
Consultant of Toyota Europe. Responsible for
the introduction of The Toyota Way.
Running "Lean Nordic".

13.00 - 13.30 | 10 October


Challenges for Swedish industry 

Leif Östling, President, Svenskt Näringsliv

12.45 - 13.30 | 11 October


The IoT Podcast live on stage!

Don't miss out on when Ny Teknik's new media initiative, The IoT pod, podcasts on stage with top-level experts in the Internet of Things world.

The podcast is presented in collaboration with Rejlers and Telenor Connexion and is led
by Fredrik Karlsson, Editor of Ny Teknik.


13.45 - 14.45 | 10 October


Panel: The future of Virtual Reality

Discover the future of Virtual Reality! How will it affect our lives and our workplaces? What services will be pioneering when VR is integrated with Artificial intelligence, Bid Data, Internet of things and other new tech?


Learn more and get inspired of our panel.



Viktor Peterson, CEO at CLVR Works

Mikael Spuhl, CEO at 3D Interactive Sthlm


Jonathan Tiedke, Partner at Mission IX

13.40 - 14.10 | 11 October


Fictitious hacker attack of the control system  gives you a real eye-opener!

Witness live how an automation engineer demonstratively hacks into a real control system found in many factories and processes, and ultimately makes the operator lose contact. The control systems have recently become targets of hacker
attacks by both criminal gangs and States;
Former US Secretary of Defense defines
cyberwar as the fifth battlefield. Nicklas puts
your thoughts in the spin when he shows how
vulnerable the systems are and how easily he
hacks it. How can we protect ourselves?

Nicklas Keijser, Automation Engineer, Rejlers Sweden

15.00 - 15.45 | 10 October

Bjorn Lange

Digitalization - the world's chance for industry

Digitalization allows us to make new things, and things in new ways. But where is the industry today? What good examples are there? And how can companies benefit from the efforts made by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and other 
public actors?

Björn Langbeck, Business development, Tillväxtverket

14.20 - 15.00 | 11 October


What industry can learn from the daily commodity trade.

Groceries require fast and efficient product flow, which in return requires fast and efficient flow of information. Can chewing gum really have something in common with ball-bearings and other industrial products?

Mats Björkqvist, Head of Technical Industries &
Healthcare, GS1 Sweden AB

4pm - 4.45 pm | 10 October

Rikard Skogh

Digitizing & Internet of things

Each machine, process and system generates plenty of valuable data. The interest of IoT within the swedish industry increasingly is getting bigger and everyone wants to use their own data in a smarter way. Open interface and easy connection to IoT-platforms will be a condition to be able to use data to its full potential and through this streamline existing activities and to build new digital opportunities. 

Rikard Skogh, Head of sales, MindSphere – Siemens operative system for IoT

15.10 - 15.40 | 11 October

Tommy Torn

The destoy of metal and concrete costs 200 billions a year

Unfortunately customers, consults and contractors still makes wrong decision. This causing a costs for industrial and communal works of 200 billions a year according to Swerea Kimab and CBI, The institute of concrete (RISE). This lecture introduce how it's possible to improve restoration, surface and reinforcement of equipments and constructions through metal and concrete.

Tommy Thörn, Advisor, Ytskyddsgruppen