Competence area

Visit our competence area

At the show, you can visit the competence area to meet Lernia during both days of the show. There will be representatives from education, recruitment and staffing to answer questions and talk about their mission. There till also be both speed-dating and match-making.  

You will also be able to meet representatives from Tullverket, tillväxt Malmö, Hermods and others. 

Read more and see the programme below.

6th of February | 10-12


6th of February | 13-15

Tillväxt Malmö

7th of February | 10-12

Is your company trading with countries outside of the EU? Are you trading with Great Britain today and need to know more about cusoms before brexit? Do you have other questions regarding customs?

Mia Federley Asenov and Carina Andersson, Tullverket.

7th of February | 12-14

Tillväxt Malmö