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Malmömässan, Mässgatan 6, 215 32 Malmö |  VISIT THE SHOW VENUE'S WEBSITE


Days Opening hours Closing hours
Wednesday 6th of February 2019 9 am 5 pm
Thursday 7th of February 2019 9 am 4 pm
Mässgatan 6 215 32 Malmö Sweden


By plane

Malmömässan is very centrally located in Malmö at Hyllie by the inner ring road. The proximity to Denmark and the airports Malmo Airport Sturup and Kastrup Airport creates favorable conditions for international contacts.

From Kastrup:

If you fly to Copenhagen you can easily take the train, Öresundstågen, directly from Kastrup and you will arrive at Malmömässan in only 11 minutes. The station is called Malmö Hyllie and it is the first stop in Sweden.

From Sturup:

From Malmö airport Sturup you can go by car or taxi to Malmömässan in about 30 minutes. The Airport coaches go to Malmö city where you can take the bus or the xity tunnel to Malmömässan. 



Go to the regional public transport website

By bus & metro

Hyllie station has a unique availability across the Öresund region. With Citytunneln is Kastrup Airport just a 12 minute train ride away. It takes 3 minutes to travel from Triangeln to the venue and 6 minutes from Malmö C.

Both Pågatåg and Öresundståg stops around the clock at frequent intervals at Hyllie station, fram which you take the stairs directly to Station Square, near Malmö Arena, Emporia and Malmömässan.

Near the entrance to the trains are stopping points for both local and regional bus services.


The easiest and quickest way to get from downtown to Malmömässan is to go by the city tunnel, the ride takes less than ten minutes. 


The local bus lines 5, 6 and 33 all stops at the western longside of Hyllie station square. Line 6 also stops at the bus stop Hyllie vattenpark, that is just beside Malmömässan. Regional bus lines stops at the east short side of Hyllie station square. 

The regional bus lines are: 

  • Bus line 346 departing from Trelleborg. 
  • Bus line 300 departing from Näset and Vellinge (passing by Tygelsjö).
  • Bus line 170 departing from Lund. 

Go to the regional public transport website

By Car

...from E20 north, the outer ring road:

  • Take exit 14 junction Fredriksberg towards Malmö SO. 
  • In the roundabout you take the left exit to the inner ring road, following signs towards Limhamn
  • Go straight throug the roundabout at junction Söderkulla
  • Take exit Malmö Arena
  • Turn right to Hyllie Boulevard
  • Take the left exit in the roundabout to Mässgatan

...from E20 west, the outer ring road:

  • Take the exit Limhamn/Malmö V
  • I the third roundabout you take the right exit to Lorensborgsgatan 
  • Take exit Malmö Arena


Lat: N 55° 33' 59,01"

Long: E 12° 58' 35,44" 


Malmö has a lot to offer for both business and pleasure travelers. Shopping, good food, beautiful parks and beautiful beaches are within a short distance from central Malmö. There is a wide selection of hotels offering everything from beautiful old architecture to exciting new hotels. Click the link below to read more about that hotel that suits you! 



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Other alternatives:

You can also choose to stay in a Malmö resident’s home – the global Airbnb network includes many private individuals who rent out rooms and apartments to tourists. You can also find apartments to hire at Red Apple Apartments.



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