Pack Testing Live

Pack Testing Live

Pack testing live

Pack Testing Live is a unique concept at Industrial Pack, where you can meet new packaging testing service providers that specialize in specific products.

Taking place on both days of the event, crowd around and take part in watching multiple products from pallets to drums being dropped and tested live in the middle of the exhibition floor, with live commentary, challenging the strength and robustness of the product through simulation and non-simulation performance tests!

Companies taking part include:



Title: See BEBLOK, the new biopack moulded pulp that can solve your packaging solutions

BEBLOK a Mexico and US patent product which is simple and innovative and has 3 special features:

1.- Easy cut system (No tool required)
2.- Easy assembly (You can easy handle and assemble in order to create forms to protect)
3.- Shock absortion system (Each cone support weight and impacts)


Title: ISTA Rough Handling Test.

Learn how to achieve high rates of damage resistance using the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified rough handling test. Watch as Singode Industrial group’s  Senior Packaging Research Engineer, Paul E. Sowa, CPP, demonstrates how to perform this simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-perform test to help determine optimal product packaging and unitizing methods.

Paul E. Sowa, Packaging Research Engineer


Title: Learn How Guero Pallets Grew by $90,000 in 2 Months

All companies are concerned about saving money and growth. Statistical predictive modeling in marketing and development is emerging as a crucial component to achieve growth. The goal of the presentation is to show businesses how to leverage statistical tools to be successful. At Guero Pallets we use R as a statistical tool to forecast our sales and expenditures to optimize our growth and spending. Sales forecasting models are crucial for businesses to be able to make the right decision(s) and understand in what direction their business is heading. With the sales forecasting model a company will be able to identify the poor performing months and upscale their sales and marketing on those months. Also, companies will be able to identify the forecasted good months and take on the opportunity for additional growth.

Martha Razo, Vice President

Masters in Applied Mathematics

Guero’s Pallets, Inc.



Title: Disrupting the Packaging Landscape: The Meta Pail with Smart Pail Inside

The Meta Pail was designed in response to the growing needs from users of five-gallon rigid packaging to minimize waste, maximize recycling, and enhance the end user experience.

Max Sullivan, Product Manager


Title: Concept Packaging demonstrating Corrloc pallet in a free span rack system.

See CorrLoc’s patented design which is unlike anything in the industry today, it’s modern day solution for your new pallet and packaging problems. We have the future of your business in mind. Welcome to the modern age. 

Dan Gibson, Owner