The Innovation Showcase is NEW for 2015 and highlights the latest innovations in the packaging industry.

We asked exhibitors to send in their entries and we have have whittled it down to our final winners!

Don't miss this great opportunity to see the winners present their innovations at The Innovation Showcase on the Brand Innovation Theatre on 16 September from 13:30 - 14:30.

Here are winners of the Innovation Showcase and their exciting innovations:

PI London 2015 innovation showcase

Airless Smart Dropper

Suitable for high viscosity liquids, and with adjustable loading options for precise dosage each time, this truly is a Smart Dropper. Perfect for serums and beauty oils, product is auto-loaded into the pipette when the cap is tightened; no air enters the pack and there is no ‘suck-back’ of liquid. Formula integrity is maintained, and no ‘bubbling’ of the contents occurs. This 40ml pack, new to the market this year, is already proving highly popular across Europe.

Visit Collcap on stand E20

PI London 2015 innovation showcase

Beefeater 24 ' Quintessentially British' Limited Edition Gift Pack

Beefeater 24 'Quintessentially British' Limited Edition Gift Pack. Designed by London based Illustrator Glenn Hin. Available in key markets worldwide. Inspired by Beefeaters 24's taste profile and "Distinguished British Country Chic" theme. On opening the pack a set of well groomed shrubs emerges in front of gates to a country house behind which a bottle of Beefeater 24 is encased.

Visit Lucas Promotions on stand L40

PI london showcase winners Smurfit Kappa

Budweiser 2014 World Cup ‘Rise as One’ Limited edition pack

AB InBev International chose unique packaging for the tournament, featuring the iconic FIFA World Cup™ Trophy that, since 1974, has represented the pinnacle of football achievement and the unity of a team and an entire nation.  The limited edition trophy bottles were introduced simultaneously in more than forty countries, and served as the global centrepiece of the brand’s bottles, cans and secondary packaging.

Visit Smurfit Kappa Composites on stand F11

PI LOndon innovation showcase

Finishing Touches... The 2015 Collection

Finishing Touches… The 2015 Collection” was designed, created and manufactured by Curtis.
Derived from the ‘Top Trumps’ game, it demonstrates different finishes, the client decides which application would be most suited for their product. The characteristics are durability, cost, wow factor, premium qualities, transit and environmental impact and are depicted by a number scale from 1-10. Each card boasts a different image and coating giving the client an idea on how the finished product would appear. This unique collection exhibits how human senses interact with printed packaging
Showcased at the February Packaging Innovations in Birmingham, Finishing Touches were a resounding success. We have received excellent feedback from our customers.

Visit Curtis Packaging on stand C11

PI london 2016


This patented package consist of a Twist-Up canister with an AIRELESS cartridge refill. The actuator is available for priming when in twist-up position and locked in twist-down position. The AIRELESS cartridge can be removed when empty and replace by a second cartridge refill unit. The AIRELESS pump uses MWV's metal free path Aria pump.

Visit Glaspray on stand K39

PI London innovation showcase

Paco Rabanne 3D Wings

An Innovative Mechanized process to achieve a 3D embossing effect. Such a 3D high definition embossing effect is a Eurobox creation and development. This outstanding definition process has never been achieved before.

Visit Eurobox Metal Packaging on stand L34

PI London 2015 innovation showcase

PET and HDPE Biopolymer Material

The pack shows PET and HDPE material in a bio based material. The difference between this material and regular PET and HDPE is that the ethanol in this product is sourced from sugarcane as opposed to normally being sourced from oil. This makes the product more sustainable and eco-friendly. The products appearance and performance is exactly the same as regular HDPE and PET and the way in which the material is placed through the machine is the same as the regular material.

Visit Spectra Packaging on stand C18

PI London 2015 innovation showcase

RGB Printing Technology

Merck has produced two posters (themes: Automotive/Cosmetics) with a brand new RGB printing technology instead of the conventional CMYK using pearl effect pigments.  Usually the RGB is known from other (digital) applications like TV or displays where red, green and blue added on a black background have a white appearance.

Visit Merck on stand G12

PI London 2015 innovation showcase

The Silk-Tech Collection

The Silk-Tech Collection is a sample pack that introduces a new look for recycled paper shopping bags that are also recyclable. Featuring Ultra Silk-Tech and Silk-Tech, this new line offers the depth of color and silky finish that is normally associated with a matte film laminated shopping bag. The value of this new product line is that the paper has 40% post-consumer recycled content, and the bags are also recyclable.

Visit Direct Source Packaging on stand G21

PI London 2015 innovation showcase

VOYA - secondary packaging

Voya secondary packaging is made of a special eco-friendly Favini paper containing its by-product seaweed. This combination creates the highest quality of environmentally friendly paper available. Any emissions generated during the manufacturing process of this paper and all of our manufacturing operations are neutralized. VOYA is committed to a sustainability orientated ethos from shore to shelf. For this special project for VOYA, Favini R&D department worked in collaboration with Premier Paper Ltd.

Visit Favini on stand K36

PI London 2015 innovation showcase

3 Mesh Foamer

The 3 Mesh Foamer from Quadpack Group uses Apollo’s patented technology, designed with different meshes, to produce a greater volume of rich, luxurious foam that spreads easily onto the skin. The new high-tech pump empowers the user to transform liquid formulas at a single press, in a satisfying experience that appeals to the senses.  As with all Apollo pumps, all metal parts are removed from the product path, for greater formula integrity. The 3 Mesh Foamer is ideal for liquid and semi-liquid formulas that need a finer, richer foam quality than that offered by ordinary foamers. These might include facial cleansers, self-tanning foam or high-end hair mousse. Available with 150ml and 200ml bottles in HDPE or PET, the foamer can be decorated using colour-matching, silk-screening, hot-stamping or metallisation. Aluminium collars or matt mould caps can also be added to produce a pack that is both attractive and high performance.

Visit Quadpack on stand L43

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