3 October 2018

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Marie-Axelle Loustalot-Forest

Chief Commercial Officer


Ocado started life 18 years ago as a grocery pure player, started by three ex-Goldman Sachs bankers. 

It now holds about 15% of the UK's grocery online market, a country with one of the highest share of online in the world. 

Ocado has developed its unique automation solution,that allows it to run online grocery in a profitable manner. 

This very unique automation will shortly be used by retailers across the globe such as Casino in France, Sobeys in Canada, ICA in Sweden and Kroger in the US.

Foto Rachid
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Rachid Lamrabat




Brands and retailers are struggling to serve consumers with another cultural background.

Each group of consumers has a different relationship towards food depending on their cultural background. It’s a prominent issue today and yet, the questions raised by those groups have not been answered. As a strategic research organisation, Tiqah wants to advise companies about how they can deal with this.

Rachid Lamrabat, who calls himself a ‘trust builder’, tells you during his keynote more about how he helps brands and retailers deal with the wide range of living and eating habits in our society.

Foto Karel Demeester
Logo Callebaut Collective

Karel Demeester

Founding Partner & Senior Digital Sales & Marketing Consultant

Callebaut Collective

An ever-advancing digitalization leads to increasing complexity and chaos, causing many companies to panic. It comes down to embracing that chaos and selecting the strongest opportunities, from the end user’s perspective. Learn topline how to apply this in your company through tangible advice and examples.

Foto Rudy Van Rillaer
Logo PostNL

Rudy Van Rillaer

Managing Director

PostNL Belgium

Foto Bram Van Schijndel
Logo Pure Value

Bram Van Schijndel

Co-founder Pure Value Europe & CEO Ahrma Proteus Pooling

Pure Value Europe


The sustainable future of promotions advertised in floors

The retail industry wastes over 2 billion pounds of cardboard to display advertisements in stores. Unfortunately, brands and retailers lack insight into the return on such promotions.

Currently the items are in full production, with the first batch dispersed over 22 countries: the Proteus Smart Display. This reusable display was developed over 2 years in co-creation with the market by Ahrma Proteus Pooling, a joint venture of Pure Value Europe and Ahrma Europe.

Bram van Schijndel takes you along in the vision of how Proteus will save more than 85% on cardboard, with integrated technology to gauge the efficacy of the promotion and adjust it right away.



Dieter Debels
Retail Somar

Dieter Debels



Big data and intelligent predictive models provide great insights into the particular dynamics of the supermarket sector. What where the main marketevolutions of the past years? And what lessons can be learned towards the future?

Nils Van Dam

Nils van Dam

Global Head of Food & Retail

Duval Union Consulting

The future of Food & Beverage – 9 most important trends

The food & beverage industry will not remain a safe haven against the current wave of digital disruption. Classical players in food retail will need to move quickly to adopt a seamless omnichannel approach. This means stepping up their growth in e-commerce, covering the last mile with pick-up centers and home delivery. On top of that, they need to invest in their stores, upgrading the shopper experience and installing new tech solutions to improve shopping convenience (e.g cashier-free shopping). The funding of these investments will need to come from additional trade margin, given the thin profit margins in the industry. Pressure on trade terms, combined with channel changes towards pure players (such as Amazon and Alibaba) and new business models will cause a major disruption for food manufacturers. On top of facing a total war across the value chain, the food & beverage industry will need to surf on the key trends. The consumers are becoming more and more demanding and unpredictable. Those branded manufacturers that are not able to become data-enabled or experience rich will not be able to survive.

This strategy paper will explore the 9 key trends and will give inspiration for possible solutions to become more future-proof.

Duo presentation

Foto Jos Miermans
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Logo Etheclo

Jos Miermans

Business Partner


Foto David De Keyser
Logo Deeleenkoe.be

David De Keyser



eFood is a “solution provider”, offering an econologic but overall food safe solution for logistics & distribution of temperature sensitive goods with monitoring as an optional feature

“Deel een Koe” was in 2014 the first crowd butcher on the Belgian market with a nice selection of high quality meat. Only when the cow is completely sold – it will be slaughtered and divided in equal parts. And of course … delivered with the eFoodbox. After the cow, also pork, chicken recently lamb. David will share his story with you.

As our ambition goes beyond food  and as we got positive interest from other sectors, we decided – after 2 years on the market with the eFoodbox –  to change names eFood will become Etheclo and the eFoodbox, the Etheclobox.

4 October 2018

Aude Mayence

Aude Mayence

Brand Director

Delhaize Belgium

Eating better without making an effort? It sounds like a utopia, but it's possible.

All you have to do is start from the position that consumers don't have to change their lifestyles. Indeed, it's the retailer who has to adapt. And quickly!


This is why Delhaize is constantly having conversations with its customers so as to respond to their expectations as well as possible. The key remains to offer simple and creative solutions based on strong insights.



Foto Anders Asarby
Logo Smartmat

Anders Asarby

Managing Director


Smartmat was the first food box delivery company in Belgium when it started in 2012.

This presentation is about the struggle of a start up in the new e-commerce business until today's fight against multi nationals.

Foto Mathieu De Lophem
Logo Deliveroo

Mathieu de Lophem

General Manager Deliveroo Benelux


"The Future of Food is now: How delivery services appeared and Deliveroo helps the hospitality grow double-digits"?

Foto Ignace De Nollin
Logo Smart with Food
Logo Colruyt Group

Ignace De Nollin

Business Manager

Smart with Food

With SmartWithFood, Ignace De Nollin builds an app for your tailor-made nutrition. This digitisation will respond to the personal needs of partners and customers and create a better consumer experience. After 2.5 years of building a digital data platform and finding clever solutions for Colruyt Group, SmartWithFood is ready to grow in other markets.

Jonas Deprez

Jonas Deprez

Founder & CEO


A year and a half ago, Jonas Deprez started with Daltix: a smart solution for automatically collecting and structuring online price, promotion and assortment data. The intention: giving real-time insights to retailers and their suppliers in order to strengthen their commercial strategy. Today, Daltix covers the DIY, FMCG and food retail and is unique in several respects. No data supplier can show promotions as complete, detailed and accurate as Daltix. Their matching tool, based on AI, is revolutionary and allows to make in-depth assortment analyzes including private label and product specifications. Their price analyzes are not only complete & accurate, they also integrate regional prices.

Today, Daltix has customers such as Gamma, Lidl, Makro, Dreamland, Vandemoortele, Lotus Bakeries and Unilever.

With the launch of Jumbo in prospect, Jonas will use the Daltix tools to give more insights on their price strategy in comparison with the Belgian retailer.

Marc Waelbers

Marc Waelbers

Chief Commercial Officer


Digitization in foodservice, a matter of insights.
The foodservice sector is digitizing at a rapid pace. The need to combine passion with business management goes beyond the white cash register. Successful business leaders need data. Insights from data often make the difference between profit and loss.


Jean Van Damme


Startle LLC


A food science engineer–turned-intrapreneur-turned-entrepreneur, Jean has 10 years of experience as a business consultant and managed R&D and Innovation for Colruyt Group before moving to New York to start his own companies Startle and Ester. In this talk, he will share his insights in how the food ecosystem has changed in the past decades, and how that influences your innovation efforts as a start-up or corporation. With examples from the US and Europe, he will invite you to think about how to maximize your potential for success.



Duo presentation

Foto Jos Miermans
Logo Etheclo
Logo eFood

Jos Miermans

Business Partner


Foto Muriel Bernard
Logo Efarmz.be

Muriel Bernard



eFood is a “solution provider”, offering an econologic but overall food safe solution for logistics & distribution of temperature sensitive goods with monitoring as an optional feature

Efarmz, founded in 2013, became one  of the most important online marketplaces with an almost endless offering in bio, artisanal, ultra-fresh,  … , often from small local producers. They use the eFoodbox to assure the cold chain for the delivery of temperature sensitive goods. Muriel Bernard will share her story with you. 

As our ambition goes beyond food  and as we got positive interest from other sectors, we decided – after 2 years on the market with the eFoodbox –  to change names eFood will become Etheclo and the eFoodbox, the Etheclobox.



More speakers will follow soon!