A sustainable & growing company

A robust business model

Easyfairs has established a business model with a low risk profile thanks to its granularity. Being present in many industries and many European countries leaves us less exposed to economic volatility. Most of the sectors in which we are strongest are reasonably stable in good times as well as bad, not exposed to volatile economic or hype cycles. We develop event concepts for communities that are here to stay, and in many cases establish a leadership position within these markets. We have two further sources of organic growth: venues and digital products.

Digital Products

The third area of growth is in our digital and data products. Our EasyGo product is now responsible for approximately 10 percent of revenues and this continues to grow. We are also convinced that there is ample scope for introducing new digital products that will further enhance the customer experience. Furthermore, the data we generate will drive further opportunities while we adhere strictly to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


The principal objective of our venues is to serve as a flexible and low-risk platform for launching and hosting our own events. Easyfairs is, first and foremost, an events business. When we refurbish and extend the capacity of our existing venues, or open further venues, as with Åbymässan in 2019, it is primarily with the intention of better serving communities with our own events. But of course, we welcome other organisers who host separate “guest” events, as this provides further revenue streams.
Cross-border sector expertise and our technology backbone enable us to launch and geo-clone event concepts, and integrate strategic acquisitions, faster and more efficiently than other companies in our sector.

Easyfairs at a glance

Events Organizer

Visitors per year
Exhibitors per year
Country locations over the world

Venues Manager

Venues in 3 countries


Easyfairs can confidently expect recurring revenues year-on-year, since most events take place on an annual basis, and, generally speaking, we can expect a high retention rate, so long as we deliver a great customer experience. Cross-border sector expertise and our technology backbone enable us to launch and “geo-clone” show concepts, and integrate strategic acquisitions, faster and more efficiently than other event organisers. In recent years we have strengthened our portfolio by acquiring events in sectors as diverse as industrial technology, packaging design, medical aesthetics and fan culture.

Financial numbers

Evolution recurring revenue 2010-2019

166 804 K€
106 648 K€
68 635 K€

Evolution Recurring EBITDA 2010-2019

32 142 K€
16 077 K€
5 340 K€
0 %
0 %
Privately Owned

Strong governance

Easyfairs is a 100% privately owned company. With no pressure from external shareholders, this gives us the flexibility needed to plough a large proportion of revenues back into the business, enabling us to plan further sustainable organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

General Management Team

Benoît David

Group Head of M&A and
Strategic Alliances

Marc Hellemans

Group Chief Financial Officer

Eric Everard

Group CEO & Founding Father

Anne Lafère

Group Chief Operating Officer

Eric Préat

Group Business Development
Senior Advisor

Stephan Forseilles

Group Chief Technology Officer


Jeroen Van Hooff

Head of Easyfairs Netherlands


Dirk Van Roy

Head of Easyfairs Belgium


Roland Brand

Head of Easyfairs DACH


Joakim Percival

Head of Easyfairs Nordic

UK & Global

Matt Benyon

Head of Easyfairs UK & Global

Advisory Board

Thierry Geerts
Managing Director of Google Belgium

Jacques de Vaucleroy
Vice Chairman of Ahold Delhaize Supervisory Board

Muriel Everard
Expert in economics and European business

Eric Everard
Founder & CEO

Nick Forster
30 years’ experience in the global events industry

Denzil Rankine
Founder and executive chairman of AMR International

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