Our approach

Why our audience attends

Sourcing - discover new, improved, creative and innovative products, solutions and services that will help achieve their packaging goals

Benchmarking - compare existing suppliers with potential new partners in order to improve supplier cost-efficiency, supplier flexibility, speed to market, profit margin and ultimately to find the right partner to fuel their growth ambitions

Learning - engage with passionate suppliers to get a fresh perspective on how to overcome their biggest industry challenges

Networking - meet industry peers to explore business growth opportunities, discuss current challenges and exchange ideas on how to approach the future

Easyfairs, your perfect business partner

Over 3,000 packaging suppliers choose us as a business partner annually to generate leads, find distributors, launch new products, meet up to 100,000 visitors across the portfolio and increase revenues, here is why;

The biggest portfolio of packaging events globally, making us a trusted partner in the

Easy to replicate your presence across our portfolio making access to new markets

Highly targeted & cost-effective two-day events generating you an easy return on

A team of local experts in each country we operate in who understand the market and
will generate excellent sales opportunities’ for you

Eight unique brands bringing together all the supply chain to help build profitable relationships