Metal 3D Printing Experience zone

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Let yourself be surprised at the Metal 3D Printing Experience zone of Vives Hogeschool, FM Additive and Flam3D

 Welding Week may be the meeting point for welding, joining and cutting metals and plastics, but as you will undoubtedly know, welding is not always necessary. New production processes make this technique irrelevant in some cases. Often pieces do not need to be joined and we can 3D print stronger pieces in metal or aluminium. In which cases is that? Come and discover it in the Metal 3D Printing Experience zone of Vives Hogeschool, FM Additive and Flam3D.

Thanks to a few beautiful 3D printed pieces from LCVSeido SystemsRaytechTrideusK3DVAC MachinesMT3DEKZO – SLM Solution and Bodycote, Vives Hogeschool, Flam3D and FM Additive can physically prove that some pieces no longer need welding. Through this Metal 3D Printing Zone, Flam3D, together with Vives Hogeschool, the samples of Flam3D members and FM Additive, seizes a great opportunity to bring 3D printing more firmly to the market. In this case, by letting welding engineers think about the infinite possibilities of 3D printing.