Goodman Auction

Auction for Greatness

About the auction

The auction offers you a unique opportunity to buy an exclusive piece of urban art from Dzia.
Witness the making of the mural during the first and second day of the fair, and watch a stunning creation unfold. 

2 pieces of the mural will be auctioned online between 21 and 25 October.

Register online or at our booth to participate and receive a link to the auction.


Important information

  • The artwork measures 1 m by 1 m
  • Bidding starts at €500
  • Proceeds from the auction will go entirely and straight to SOS Children’s Villages
  • Tax deductible


Tuesday 15 October

Wednesday 16 October 

Thursday 17 October


Dzia is a Belgian muralist who has been busy adding fauna air to walls in urban spaces from China to Norway.

Primarily depicting will animals, from deer to dragonflies, his unique style creates a mosaic of colours and tonal shading that follow the contours of the animal’s form.


This prolific muralist will be bringing to life a creature using his signature bold geometric and colourful style during the first 2 days of the fair. Witness the making of and meet the artist at Booth #4.112.

SOS Children's Villages

The Goodman Foundation has been in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages since 2013 funding for critical capital expenditure projects each year in SOS Children’s Village Homes across Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary and Poland.

'Het Simbahuis’ (Simba home) is located in Liedekerke and offers a temporary home to children to provide them with quality alternative care until their family’s circumstances improve enough for them to return home. 

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