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Easyfairs is GDPR proof!


The GDPR is effective from 25 May. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This legislation applies to the entire European Union and replaces the ''Data Protection Act''. The GDPR concerns the processing of personal data. Easyfairs is GDPR-Proof! In this blog we provide additional information on this legislation and its consequences for your as a visitor or exhibitor.


Due to the new legislation we are obliged to handle the data of our exhibitors and visitors with even more care. The privacy of exhibitors and visitors is very important to Easyfairs. We will not process the personal data of our relations when we do not have a basis for this. Our privacy statement outlines in detail how we use the data of our visitors and exhibitors. 

We do, of course, have a processor agreement and procedures in place, so processing of your data by us is completely safe. There is nothing to prevent you from becoming an exhibitor or visitor of our events!