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De Regt Conveyor Systems BV

De Regt Conveyor Systems BV


4521GX Biervliet

The Regt Conveyor Systems from Biervliet made themselves within a 25 years’ timeframe
to an international player in the field of industrial transport systems.
The Regt is a specialist in design, construction, transport, installation and maintenance of transport systems for all types of bulk goods.
The robust systems of De Regt will last for at least twenty years.
Mobile and fixed conveyors, elevators and bunkers for handling fertilizer, coal and agribulk. Customization, innovation, niche markets.
Three key words that are fully applicable to the Regt Conveyor Systems.
The frames of conveyor belts are used in a particular port areas, like that of Terneuzen, Flushing, Ghent and Antwerp.
Clients are companies like Verbrugge Terminals, Yara and Cargill.
De Regt Conveyor Systems also increases it’s broadens overseas horizon.
So now De Regt shipped several conveyors to Nigeria.
Also manufactured by De Regt are recycling machines for recovery of raw materials from AEC-bottom ash, for the purpose of Inashco Rotterdam, are used worldwide.
The Regt is currently developing together with TU Delft a machine for the recovery of metals
from waste, the benefit of a large project in Colombia.
Also, in the United States one system is already active for years now, while in January 2015 a new project will be finished and put to Singapore.