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Bronkhorst (Schweiz) AG

Bronkhorst (Schweiz) AG


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Bronkhorst® offers the most extensive product range of thermal mass flow meters and controllers on the market. Numerous styles of both standard and bespoke instruments can be offered for applications in laboratory, industrial and hazardous areas. The full scale measuring range of the thermal instruments can be selected between 0-0,7 mln/min and 0-10000 m3n/h for gases and 0-75 mg/h up to 0-20 kg/h for liquids. Bronkhorst® Coriolis Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases and liquids have a measurement capability between 0-5 g/h and 0-600 kg/h. Furthermore Bronkhorst® offers pressure transducers and controllers with a minimum range of 0-100 mbar and a maximum range of 0-400 bar. Bronkhorst vaporization system can be applied for humidification, coating or analytical applications. Our R&D department closely cooperates with research institutes and universities, for instance in the field of microfluidic designs, multi parameter measurement and (customized) fluid delivery or dosing systems. Bronkhorst® is worldwide represented in more than 50 countries. Customer satisfaction, innovation and quality of product and service have been the cornerstones of our success. The organization has been certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In addition, the Bronkhorst Calibration Centre was awarded ISO/IEC 17025:2005, guaranteeing the accuracy of every gas flow calibration performed by our calibration laboratory.