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ABB nv

ABB nv


1930 Zaventem

Measurement made easy

Our goal is to help make measurement & analytical technology selection, operation, and ownership easy - so you can focus on your business.


Nouveautés produits

  • ABB introduces LLT100, the next generation of non-contact laser level transmitters

    ABB, a world leader in energy and automation technologies, introduces the LLT100 laser level transmitter, the new standard for laser level measurement. The LLT100 revolutionizes the level measurement industry. It is designed for all industrial applications and replaces open-path radar and other level transmitters. This new product changes the way level measurement is performed. It is measurement made easy.

    The LLT100 measures the level of any material, solid or liquid, independently of its properties or conditions. With its narrow laser beam, the LLT100 can avoid obstructions, can be installed near vessel walls, or in tanks with mixing blades, grids or obstructions. The LLT100 measures continuously and provides rapid surface change tracking. In addition, the advanced signal processing delivers reliable measurements in the presence of mixers and in dusty, foggy and narrow environments. Even clear liquids are measureable and no longer a limitation for laser level devices.

    See the link for more information

  • ABB launches the Field Information Manager Handheld Edition

    First FDI based Device Management tool in the market now available in a portable, handheld format for powerful, mobile device configuration

    ABB has taken the next step with the introduction of its Field Information Manager 1.1 Handheld Edition. This easy-to-use software is now available for sale. The Handheld Edition makes it possible for the user to do configuration, parametrization and diagnosis of the HART instruments in many locations – in the field, at the back of the panel / junction box or in the instrumentation laboratory.

    Key features of the Field Information Manager Handheld Edition include:
    - Interoperability based on FDI components
    - Online and offline parametrization
    - Documentation of parameters and settings
    - Novel concepts for ease of use and navigation with touch support
    - ABB instrumentation FDI Device Packages ready to download
    - Generic HART Device Package for all HART devices
    - Supports installed base – DD/EDD files

    See the link for more information