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9880 Aalter

ZiggZagg NV is an AM service provider with an impressive machine park based in Aalter, Belgium. Clients can order trough an online platform in what material and in what lead-time they want their parts produced. With it’s 9 HP Multi Jet Fusion machines, they can go from order to printed part in short lead times.

With several years of experience within the AM scene, having well trained machine operators and product designers in-house, ZiggZagg is thé preferred partner for all prototyping but also mass-manufacturing projects with the use of 3D-printing.

Having proven that short lead times of 2-3 days is possible, ZiggZagg offers that service together with the know-how to mass-produce consistently of orders of up to 380.000 parts, spread over several months. All within quality, all within desired specifications.

Aside from production, the Ziggzagg team offers a wide range of services to it’s customers. It’s possible to plan visits to its production site to discuss 3D-design, reverse engineering, 3D-scanning and CNC milling in foams.

Another popular service Ziggzagg offers is the end-product finishing on 3D-printed models. Clients can order sanded, polished and painted parts all within its online tool.

Aside from all these services, Ziggzagg keeps looking at what’s next within the business and actively searches for new opportunities or technologies developed within the branche.