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Telerex vous aide à faire vos produits finaux plus compétitifs, en vous offrant les meilleurs composants de montage, de les acquérir dans le monde entier et de les livrer à vous, selon le calendrier de production à l'emplacement demandé.

Après 45 ans l'importation et la distribution de composants électroniques et électromécaniques, vous pouvez compter sur Telerex pour vous les meilleurs produits, comment, où et quand vous le souhaitez. Nous offrons des composants LED, alimentations, écrans, solutions informatiques, produits d'automatisation industrielle, solutions thermiques, connecteurs, EMI produits de blindage, électronique enceintes et des produits connexes.


Nouveautés produits

  • New Protec enclosure from OKW is ideal for modern electronics applications

    The enclosure range has an inclination angle of 20°; this is usually considered to be ergonomically ideal for operating terminals and for reading off data.

    okw protec enclosureA recessed operating area for integrating membrane keyboards, operating elements and touch systems has been provided on the square cover surface. The top part is screwed to the bottom part at the back with stainless steel Torx screws, and the entire screwed connection is thus outside the field of vision.

    The PROTEC-series is made of high-quality V0 material in the colour grey white (RAL 9002). The electronics compartment can be sealed up to protection class IP 65 by means of an optional sealing kit (included in the range of accessories) – this is particularly interesting for robust applications, for example in the smart factory / IIoT, central control units, surveillance systems and access and security controls in the outdoor sector.

  • Industrialized Raspberry Pi as Open Edge Connectivity Ecosystem

    The device series netPI is based on an industrial suited customized Raspberry Pi 3 design made to run any custom applications of the Edge Automation. The model RTE 3 comes with Hilscher’s multiprotocol netX SoC additionally implementing all popular Industrial Ethernet networks. With their powerful Pi 3 1.2GHz quad-core ARM CPU the platforms are ready-made for any demanding Cloud, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application.

    The model netPI RTE 3 includes two Industrial Ethernet ports extra to connect to systems such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and others, as supported by netX. An expansion slot at the units bottom accepts extension modules made for sensor/actuator level communications such as RFID, digital I/Os, others or own custom boards.

  • RFID and NFC antennas of Premo

    Are video-based traffic measurements able to offer a multimodal solution that also registers pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles? The ViSense system from ViNotion provides this service. With the help of Telerex, our customer has successfully developed an idea into a new product launch.
    Visense systeem van Vinotion

    ViNotion wants to support city authorities with mobility challenges. The traffic and traffic flow can be better measured and adapted to the situation due to deep learning. The ViSense system is designed in collaboration with Telerex. ViNotion was looking for a housing suitable for a processor that needs to be cooled passively. In addition the housing should be suitable for mounting on a Din Rail as well. Finally, it was desirable that the module should look as tight as possible and that the housing would have a professional appearance.
    Telerex provided the complete mechanics including a heatsink and front plate.

  • RFID and NFC antennas of Premo

    PROio/AC is a network configurable, standalone access control solution based on a modular controller. Each controller can control up to 4 doors with external readers such as PROMAG RFID readers, BLE reader (for identification from 10-15 metres), magnetic card, keypad or biometric readers.
    The controller connects to any ethernet TCP/IP network for easy access to the web based control panel. You can access the control panel using any browser on any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the network. Just open your web browser and type the IP address of the controller (no hardware/software needs to be installed).

    The PROio/AC is very suitable for access control applications in offices, warehouses, buildings and parking lots.

  • RFID and NFC antennas of Premo

    In the last few years, Communication technology by Near Field Communications (NFC) has experienced a lot of improvements. PREMO enlarges its NFC product range with the new 3DC15-HF series, which is a combination of 3 single coils oriented in the 3 space axis.

    The new 3D coil from PREMO RFID offers the possibility of mounting a single component instead of three, thus reducing cost, saving PCB space and increasing the circuit reliability. Sensitivity, low profile and small size are the key of this RFID innovative component. Best choice for keyless entry systems the three tri-rectangular windings ensure optimum field sensing regardless position.

  • CRT-288-M manual card reader with bluetooth technology

    On request of the gaming and casino market in particular, Creator launched a new card reader at the end of 2018 that can process standard ISO7810 and ISO7811 cards, as well as read and write RFID cards. The reader is equipped with a bluetooth function to provide contactless communication through an RFID or Mifare (Desfire) card or even with a smartphone.

    The reader has a weight of barely 150 grams, which makes it easy to integrate into a slot machine or kiosk. The limited size, USB interface and 5V power supply (via USB) allows the CRT-288-M to be connected quickly and efficiently to upgrade existing systems.

  • Custom brings the first and only one “Color R-EVOLUTION”

    The smallest solution for all ticketing applications with focus on printing suitable for customized color ticketing for Gaming, Lottery and Betting. The TK306 brings professional high definition 3" color printing to the desktop. Ticketing media handling and high quality output, combined with large memory for graphics-rich documents, makes it ideal for ticketing applications with the fastest print speed. Built to perform and packed with innovative LED technology, Custom TK306 offers fast, efficient performance, excellent print quality and reliability as standard. The 3" color printer delivers great results and flexibility for workgroups of all sizes as well as professionals in design, ticketing, creative and graphics businesses.

  • 2 MOPP & 2 MOOP with ODU

    The IEC 60601-1 states maximum requirements concerning the protection from electric shock for medical applications in which patients and operators can get into direct contact with electrical equipment and systems. In order to reduce risks to a minimum, manufacturers must integrate two means of protection in their products.

    For this purpose, they can either implement two separate measures or apply a single measure twice. Overall the specified protection level 2 MOPP (means of patient protection) or 2 MOOP (means of operator protection) must be obtained. In addition, manufacturers must introduce a management process in which they not only investigate all protection-relevant aspects, but also document the results in detail. Due to these reasons the approval procedures for medical electrical equipment and systems have recently become even more complex than they already were prior to the effective release of the latest version of the IEC 60601-1.

  • Axiomtek's SHB150 PICMG 1.3 Full-sized CPU Card Supports 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor

    Axiomtek is pleased to introduce the arrival of SHB150, its new PICMG 1.3 full-size CPU Card based on the 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor in the LGA1151 socket with Intel® C246/Q370/H310 chipset (codename: Coffee Lake). The high performance SHB-based CPU card supports M.2 Key M and comes with two DDR4-2666/2400 Long-DIMM supporting up to 32 GB memory. This high performance PICMG 1.3 slot SBC also features an integrated Intel® AMT, vPro and TPM 2.0 for higher security and easier maintenance.

    In terms of rich I/O ports, the Axiomtek SHB150 offers six USB 2.0, four USB 3.1 Gen1 and two USB 3.1 Gen2, two gigabit LAN ports, DVI-I, HD audio, two RS-232/422/485 port, two RS-232 ports, and six SATA-600 supporting RAID 0/1/5/10. Additional expansion interface options include one PCIe x16 Gen 3, one PCIe x4 or four PCIe x1 Gen3, and four 32-bit PCI bus masters.