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Pars Pro Toto _ Product Design

Pars Pro Toto _ Product Design


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PARS PRO TOTO is a leading design agency based in Ghent (Belgium). Over 25 years we have grown into a full service design agency, specializing in supporting and managing innovation. We help our customers detect possibilities to expand, where to go in the future and how to get there.
We turn ideas into new products people desire, atmospheres people enjoy and stories people pass-on.
Our design work brings about important changes in our clients. It strengthens their core business. The result is many years of cooperation with satisfied, internally stable clients.
The guiding principle of our development approach is Design Thinking: problem-solving strategies that combine 3 crucial skills:
- Empathy in a wider customer context
- Creativity when generating new insights and solutions
- Rationality to analyse the feasibility of the proposed solutions

Nouveautés produits

  • X-TEND _ smart suitcase.

    We are proud to announce that Xtend® won its first Innovation Award at the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas.

    The Xtend® suitcase, designed by Pars pro toto and two passionate engineers-inventors, aims to greatly facilitate the travel of business men and women.

    By expanding the volume by 50% in a vertical direction (instead of the classic horizontal direction), you don’t have to choose anymore between your cabin-size suitcase & your checked-in suitcase.
    You have the best of both worlds in your hand, by just unzipping the extension zipper.