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Malmö, Sweden
24 - 25/01/2018

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With 28 years of experience, RFID technology pioneer Idesco makes RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices for customers worldwide. Every day, our devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory control systems.

Our tough, adaptable and conveniently installing devices are the foundation for cost-effective and dynamic identification systems. Our expert technical support complements our device quality and is why our customers have come to trust and rely on us even more: our expertise helps keep them profitable. We never take that trust for granted. Rather we continue following customer satisfaction diligently. Over the years, our customers have consistently graded our technical support to sit at a higher level than the industry average.

Early on, Idesco acquired a pattern of cooperatively developing products with our customers, tailoring them to their unique application requirements. This, in turn, shaped our guiding principle to always work closely with a customer, always be available to help and react promptly to support requests. Today, we recognize that being agile and flexible - not just experienced - helps you serve your own customers better. As a result, we commit to the values of reliability, respect for the individual, true partnership and constant, never-ending development in order to continue serving you, our customers, in the future.


Product news

  • Reliable OSDP v2 readers in cold, dark winters

    Nordic winters tend to place heavier demands on outdoor readers. What factors should you consider for an RFID OSDP v2 reader you can rely on when it gets dark, cold and wet?

    - Having a wide operational temperature range ensures your reader won’t freeze in extreme cold. Idesco readers have the widest range on the market, from -40 – +55 °C. This test-proven feature of Idesco readers is provided to let you rely on them in extreme outdoor temperatures.

    - If you’re considering a keypad reader with depress-able keys, be forewarned that snow or moisture will collect in between them, eventually blocking the keys with ice when temperatures drop low enough. This problem is why Idesco designs keypads with pressure-sensing electronics situated beneath non-moving keys instead of traditional moving keys. Furthermore, these electronics are further protected inside the reader within a very durable epoxy casting.

    - A reader’s protection class tells how well it can resist dust and moisture. Higher protection class confirms it will withstand outdoor, winter conditions. Most of Idesco’s readers come with the very high IP67 protection class – full dust and moisture protection even up to immersion in water.

    - Winter darkness is another factor you should consider before choosing a reader for outdoor deployment. Idesco readers’ flexibly programmable keypad backlighting ensures they will easily accommodate how you want them to behave in darker conditions. You can program illumination only during certain hours, or only after an authorized transponder is read. Idesco’s backlit keypad readers are particularly convenient when no other light source is available at a site.