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Malmö, Sweden
24 - 25/01/2018

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Innovative Business Software

Innovative Business Software

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Innovative Business Software A/S is a Danish company, which for more than 30 years, has built state-of-the-art security software solutions that have helped manage and streamline the most critical security operations at alarm receiving centres and control rooms, all over the world.

Our mission is to improve our customers’ productivity and efficiency. Through customer driven development, we provide flexible and powerful incident management solutions which ensure reduced response times, improved quality of service and adaptability to future technological development.

Innovative has a strong and proven track record in developing security management solutions. Innovative Security Manager™ is used by more than 90 customers within the airport industry, police forces, fire departments, private security companies, university campuses and industrial facilities.


Product news

  • Zenita AB becomes our new distributor in Sweden

    Innovative is strengthening its presence in the Swedish market even more with Zenita AB as new distributor of our software platform Innovative Security Manager™ (ISM). Earlier this year Innovative established a sales organisation both in Norway and Sweden, as part of our strategy of becoming the leading provider of software solutions for the entire Nordic security market.

    Zenita AB is an established player in the Swedish security industry with a broad product range and many different customers. Zenita has been in the Swedish security market since 1979. Over the years, Zenita has acquired solid experience and skills as well as certifications for most safety engineering solutions. Besides alarm reception systems, they deliver integrated systems, burglary alarms, access control systems, fire alarms and CCTV.

    "We are pleased that we can now offer ISM both to existing and new customers in Sweden. ISM is a software platform that will give both us and our customers new opportunities in the security market. The large number of existing customers on the platform ensures that ISM is continuously developed with new interfaces and features. The cooperation with Innovative is important for our future strategy," says Lars Lundgren, CEO of Zenita.

    "The collaboration between Zenita and Innovative will undoubtedly strengthen both companies' position throughout the security market in Sweden, which is an important part of our Nordic venture. We are very pleased that we now have such a technically competent partner in this important market for us", says Jens Larsen, VP Sales and Marketing at Innovative.

    For more information, please contact:

    Jens Larsen, VP Sales and Marketing, Innovative, jl@innovative.dk, mobile: +45 24413211

    Lars Lundgren, VD Zenita AB, lars.lundgren@zenita.se, mobile: +46 72-304 00 00



    Innovative is in the process of establishing new offices both in Oslo and Stockholm, and have expanded their team with experienced professionals in both countries to carry out our strategic plans.

    In Norway, Harald Rønning and Andreas Andersen have been running since mid-March and see great opportunities for the company in the Norwegian market. In Sweden, we expect Ingemar Spångberg to start up our Swedish operations in mid-August. All three have many years of experience in the security industry and a wide network of contacts in the Nordic countries.

    Being present in Norway and Sweden will help us to reinforce our Nordic strategy within the public emergency management market and airports, as well as find more customers for our Task & Incident Management Solutions.