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Malmö, Sweden
24 - 25/01/2018

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Safetron AB

Safetron AB

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Safetron AB´s main business is within electrical locking. Within this field our company acts as an agent in Scandinavia for several products/manufacturers.

The distribution of Safetron AB´s series of electric locks and accessories are distributed through different wholesale companies in Scandinavia.

The export business of Safetron AB´s products outside Scandinavia is at present starting up. Our aim is to nominate individual agents for each of our export markets. For example in England International Engineering Company Ltd is our representative.


Product news

  • Solenoid Lock SL 504/505/506/507

    Safetron SL 506 is a multifunctional solenoid handle lock. SL 506 is suitable for use in high traffic applications. Suitable for security applications such as, perimeter doors, entrance doors, gates and other applications within office, trading and industry premises as well as entrance doors and common areas within residential premises


  • HL 110/111

    HL 110 is mechanically locks for use in recreation centers, schools, kindergartens, retirement home where you want an extra manual locking. Safetron HL 111 is the same type of locks but provided with a micro switch for monitoring of lock. A Typical application for the HL 111 is cash registrar room where the lock allows separate from locking and disconnection of access control systems. The locks have an 8 mm square hole for mounting of handle. The hook bolt has a bolt stroke of 21 mm and has distinct modes for open and closed. HL 110/111 has built-in noise reduction on the plunger when opening and closing.


  • Motor Lock ML 300

    Safetron ML 300 is a unique ”heavy duty” motor lock designed for heavy use both in- and out doors. ML 300 has a patent-pending 2-point locking, which make it suitable for both doors and gates with locking bars. Typical applications are e.g., most types of doors and gates, doors for containers. Due to its unique patent-pending solution is lock also very easy to open manually in case of power failure