Why exhibit?

Malmö, Sweden
24 - 25/01/2018

Why Exhibit?

Some say it takes months to find new customers, but only two seconds to lose them. At Skydd & Säkerhet you get to meet the whole industry in only two days. We dare to say that it’s all you need to find new customers, contacts and prospects. Our secret? The physical meeting. It is also where the key for a long-term cooperation is.

Who visits Skydd & Säkerhet Syd 2018

Our show is a strict business to business show which means we can guarantee and ensure the quality on the person we let in through our doors. On Skydd & Säkerhet, you’ll find visitors like:
Safety Officers, Safety managers, Purchasing managers, CEO, Fire officers, Surveillance managers, CIO, Information Technology safety inspectors, Production managers, Safety engineers, Security Coordinators, Building Consultants, Insurance Managers. And also, because it is arranged parallel to Fastighetsmässan & Elmässan it opens up for you to find a lot of new suppliers and contacts from industries with clear synergies with the safety- and securitybusiness.


Why should I invest money and time at Skydd & Säkerhet?

At Easyfairs, we have high ambitions on your participation at any of our shows. In a more digital world, the need to meet in person increases every day. As a customer, you want to see, fell and experience the products in the right context and be able to talk and develop a contact with the supplier directly. 
To exhibit at an Easyfairs event is like gathering business activities, commercial, events and salestime under one roof. Easyfairs has also improved the efficiency for the event and made it a two-day sales-focused event that saves you both time and money. As an exhibitor, you get access to smart tools that helps you improve and streamline your participation; online show catalogue, education in exhibiting, digital help and invitations for you to invite visitore, and much more. 

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