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PhytoEnvitech AB

PhytoEnvitech AB

Proptech a

13251 Saltsjö-Boo

PhytoEnvitech AB remediate contaminated soil and water with green, environmental friendly and natural technology. We offer a cost-effective solution to remediate contaminated environments with plants. "Phytoremediation".

Our business concept is to remediate soil and water with the help of nature and at the same time have the opportunity to build beautiful and appropriate environments. These can be used during the remediation process, e.g. in the form of park and recreation areas.

Our methods are unique and tailor-made for each object. The methods are developed by us through soon 30-year of research at Stockholm University.

We take care of the whole process.
We test and analyze the land, we tailor an action plan and by agreement we remediate the site.

With our solutions, large areas can be remedied for a relatively low cost.
The soil structure is not destroyed and the problem is not moved to another location during the process.

We are the only company in Sweden that is investing whole-heartedly in phytoremediation. We have 20-year experience of this methodology in field.

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