Public Spaces 2019
Åbymässan, Göteborg
Göteborg, Sweden
04 - 05/09/2019

Public Spaces

An inspiring venue for those who manage, furnish and develop public space such as parks, squares, activity areas and streets.

Public Spaces is the meeting place for you in the private and public sector, who manages, installs, develops and maintains public spaces such as parks, squares, activity areas and streets. At Public Spaces all relevant industries are gathered under one roof and you get to meet everyone, from suppliers to decision makers.

Life outdoor is more important than ever. The increasing growth in the metropolitan regions creates an increased need for more welcoming neighborhoods with a focus on social sustainability. Since 2007, a bigger part of the population is living in urban environments rather than in rural areas. This means that it is in the worlds growing cities that the work to tackle many of mankinds greatest future challenges must be: creating sustainable economic development and a more sustainable use of resources. The ongoing urbanization increases the need as well as the design of the public space in the form of social opportunities, recreation and inspiration. There are high demands today on the public areas around both newly built and older homes. Home- and business owners have different preferences, such as micro-parks, beekeeping, handicap-adaptation, bicycle lending, as well as the design of shared spaces. Welcome to Public Spaces, a trade fair about the public space that inspires new opportunities for life outside the home.




The trade fair Public Spaces 2019 is divided into different sections with limited exhibitor sites for each individual section. Contact us today to secure your place at this year's fair. The different sections are:

Green areas, plants, water.

Recycling, bins, cleaning.

Streets, squares, signs, signals.

Sports facilities, playgrounds,
outdoor gyms.

Asphalt, concrete, paving. 

Information signs,
digital solutions, security solutions.

Vehicles, maintenance, machinery.

Park benches, sunbeds and other
commercial outdoor furnishings.

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