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21235 Malmö

The main focus for Bastec is developing and marketing systems for building automation (HVAC). Our key product is BAS2, which is primarily used to control and monitor ventilation, heating, cooling and other technical systems in buildings.

Bastec is based in Malmö. We have a partner network of about 80 system integrators in Sweden. Sales are made primarily through these partners. They perform customer projects and contracts based on BAS2, delivering the best solutions to real estate companies, building companies etc. In the Malmö region we also conduct our own contracts and customer projects.

In 2014 Bastec AB was acquired by Investment AB Latour, through its business area Latour Industries AB. We are now part of Latour Industries subsidiary business group Bemsiq AB, together with their other companies active in building automation and energy management.

Our goal since the beginning has been to offer the Swedish market the most easy-to-use and most flexible system which gives the lowest total cost.


Product news

  • BAS2 - Easy to use and easy to change

    We strongly believe that building automation systems should be easy to install, manage and change. At a low total cost and with great flexibility. That´s the foundation for BAS2, developed and marketed by us for three decades now.

    Here are some of the benefits of installing BAS2:

    BAS2 is an open system, built on standard objects, no project-specific source code.

    It can be configured and installed by independent entrepreneurs.

    It is built on independent DDCs, giving great flexibility.

    No main computer (DHC) needed.

    BAS2 has free build-in network connection and web server, making your system easy to modify directly online. It is 100 % remote configurable.

    Free PC software, apps and development tools, including graphical editor. No licenses or hardware locks.

    Connections are factory independent. Modbus Master to communicate with heaters, coolers, room controllers, VAV-systems, wireless transmitters. Modbus slave for communication with SCADA systems. M-Bus for communication with energy meters, wireless transmitters etc.

    BAS2 is easy to use, flexible and future proof. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

    +46 010 330 80 00