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Essem Design AB

Essem Design AB


33433 Anderstorp

Essem Design manufactures and markets hallway interiors for both private and public spaces with emphasis on functionality and quality. The line consists of classic racks from the functionalism era to newly designed hooks from today's prominent designers. The roots of the company goes all the way back to the 1930's. Since 2002 the company is run by Sten-Roger Bladh.

Functionality and quality are our watchwords and our artisanal manufacturing process imbues everything from product to packaging. The company has an environmental policy and the hooks and rack consoles are molded from recycled aluminium. Our products are manufactured in Anderstorp, Småland.


Product news

  • Skruvad coat hanger

    Arriving to Sweden in 2011 @studio_dejawu became intrigued with Scandinavian design and crafts. He noticed the traditional carpenters bench found in Sweden. The benches has wooden screws, used to tighten and loosen the grip on a piece of wood being sawn, chiseled, or drilled.

    This became the inspiration for Skruvad, a coat hanger that gives new purpose to the wooden screws. Items can be hanged from either side and it's possible to assemble without using any tools. Skruvad is made in solid beech wood and is available in black or white. It comes with four adjustable wooden screws in a flatpack making it easy to transport.

    Measurement: 320×320×180 mm (W×D×H)

    Material: Beech

    Design: White glazed or black stained