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The country's most up-to-date news in the visiting industry. The news site Besö is updated several times daily. We are also on Twitter @besoksliv and Instagram @besoksliv.

Besöksliv in its printed form is a business magazine for owners and leaders in the visiting industry and comes out with 10 numbers per year. The newspaper is published by Visita and came out for the first time in January 1916, then under the name of the Restaurantören.

Bread & Cakes


Bread & Cakes is an independent industry magazine for bakeries, pastries and cafes in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. The magazine was founded by Reidar Hansson in 1988 and is produced by Per Hansson, Lo Bäcklinder, Marie Hansson and Alice Lewy today.

Hotell & Restaurang


The newspaper Hotell & Restaurang is the industry's largest independent magazine that reaches all over Sweden, with a TS edition of 16,900 ex. We reach out to Sweden's all decision makers and purchasers in hotels, restaurants, cafés, fast food and catering companies.

In the magazine we write about news in the industry, interesting articles and product

Convenience Stores and Convenience Stores News


The industry we today call convenience has been changing for over 100 years and has a great adaptability and changeability. In 2012, chains, wholesalers and trade associations formed a joint group, Convenience Stores Sweden, which actively works on issues that contribute to the industry's continued development as well as increased sales.

Convenience Stores Sweden owns and publishes the industry magazine Convenience Stores News, which is the leading trade magazine of the service industry. Convenience Stores News is unique in several ways, has been around for a long time and the magazine is well established in the industry.



logo is a marketplace where people from the hotel and restaurant industry can use a range of useful features. Here you are able to find all of the hotel and restaurant industry's suppliers & services through a complete industry guide with about 400 participating companies. Find staff or seek new work opportunities and keep up to date with news about the industry and its suppliers. Our ambition is that we will always be a resourceful portal for hotel or restaurant business as well as a well-functioning link between the industry and its suppliers.



The trends are many and rapidly changing in the restaurant industry, a moving and lively industry that rarely sleeps. Do you want to keep up to date - read RS!

RS publish seven numbers a year and is the magazine that gives you a glimpse of the industry as well as inspiration and tips. We know that our readers often feel stressed, so we give you short news, exciting interviews and easy-to-read reports.

Fast Food Magazine


Fast Food Magazine is Scandinavia's leading newspaper for the fast food industry. The magazine has got a whole new design and new content starting from no. 1 2012. It will be more inspiration, tips and ideas, and the idea is that Fast Food Magazine should be perceived more as a "lifestyle magazine" for anyone working with quick service.