Getting there


Coming from Copenhagen on the E6/E20, cross the Öresund Bridge (toll: about €39, for current prices see; it’s the first exit after crossing into Sweden. From northern Sweden, take the E6/E20 all the way to exit 11, just before the Öresund bridge.


Close to Malmömässan there are alot of parking spaces and further more in the neigbourhood.

Parking fee

There is a fee every day, all day 

15 SEK/hour
50 SEK for 5 hours
120 SEK for 24 hours

The parking ATMs accept both credit cards and cash. The parking is run by P-Malmö.

Public Transport

Public Transport
Hyllie station has a unique availability across the Öresund region. With Citytunneln is Kastrup Airport just a 12 minute train ride away. It takes 3 minutes to travel from Triangeln to the venue and 6 minutes from Malmö C. Both Pågatåg and Öresundståg stops around the clock at frequent intervals at Hyllie station, fram which you take the stairs directly to Station Square, near Malmö Arena, Emporia and Malmömässan.
Near the entrance to the trains are stopping points for both local and regional bus services.

Go along any long side of the Malmö Arena and you will come to Malmömässan. It is aproximatly 250 meters to walk to the venue.


The easiest and quickest way to get from downtown to Malmömässan is to go by the city tunnel, the ride takes less than ten minutes. 


The local bus lines 5, 6 and 33 all stops at the western longside of Hyllie station square. 
Line 6 also stops at the bus stop Hyllie vattenpark, that is just beside Malmömässan.
Regional bus lines stops at the east short side of Hyllie station square. 
The regional bus lines are: 
Bus line 346 departing from Trelleborg. 
Bus line 300 departing from Näset and Vellinge (passing by Tygelsjö).
Bus line 170 departing from Lund. 

Please use the Journey Planner to the right or visit Skå to find your quickest route to Malmömässan.


Malmö Sturup International Airport is located to the southeast of Malmö, about 40 minutes away from the centre of town. The airport coach Flygbussarna departs every 40 minutes to Malmö Centralstn (main station), a 40 minute journey that costs about SEK 99 (about €10).

Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup is only 55 km away across the Öresund Bridge, about 50 minutes’ drive. There are also airport coaches from Kastrup to Malmö every 1.5 hours offered by the company Swebus Express.