Market hall

Find the smaller and exclusive suppliers

Get a chance to offer a more interesting menu and seperate yourself from the crowd with unique features. The brand new market hall becomes a spicy meeting place where you will find all kinds of delicacies, locally grown groceries and organic products. Here you will find suppliers that will inspire you to grow your business.

The market hall is a reserved area at the Fastfood & Café show for visitors searching for organic products, locally grown raw material and other delicacies. The market halls opening is timely since the consumers are more aware about diet and quality than ever before, and happy to take part of a wide range of high quality raw materials. Those of you who are purchasingmanagers, chefs, restaurateurs, owners etc from Sweden's restaurants, hotels and coffee shops will find what the market demands. The market hall is very sought after by visitors. For those who are keen to meet new exhibitors that can help them to make their offerings more exciting and unique, the market hall is the perfect place. Here you can be inspired and quickly get a good overview of what just your specific business needs. Valuable contacts are created with suppliers, wich leads to a more profitable business.