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Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy

Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy


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We’re passionate about food created in professional kitchens. We want to ensure that both the flavor and safety of your food is top notch. We’re there for you as you create the best flavors, and we offer you the best solutions, services and products in the business.

We’re known for the Fredman Food Tech services, a digital service for HACCP, designed for kitchen management, as well as the original Carita fiber cloths, Elmukelmu wrap, Comple meal service system and cardboard take-out packaging.

We excel at making HACCP processes digital, ensuring a high level of hygiene in professional kitchens and reducing spoilage. In all we do, we strive for the perfect kitchen. We combine data, insight, technology, systems and broad expertise in order to create better food.

We wish to meet with you at Fast Food & Cafe & Restaurant in Tampere or at www.fredmangroup.com


Product news


    Chefstein is the newest and third part of the Food Tech service entity that Fredman Group has built to develop intelligent kitchens. The entity also includes the Fredman Pro service that enables HACCP using a mobile app in professional kitchens as well as the Kitchen Robo service that automates the collection of kitchen data.

    The Chefstein service, developed by Fredman, represents a new kind of food thinking that, in addition to cooking skills and ingredients, even includes first-class food safety, responsibility and sustainable environmental values that are all enabled by top technology. The service gathers all the data related to a kitchen’s food safety, food waste, hygiene and energy consumption, analyses it and presents the results in a visual form. The results can be followed on the level of a single restaurant or the entire restaurant chain.

    As the next step for an intelligent kitchen, Chefstein already enables, for example, real-time comparisons of the amount of food waste with the other restaurants within the chain and the average within the business sector or, for example, the tracking and analysis of the entire chain’s energy consumption in euros. As Chefstein is an open system, it is possible to combine it with any data source that collects kitchen data. In this way, it can track any activity related to the kitchen’s or restaurant’s processes: food trends, customer satisfaction or, for example, the well-being of the kitchen staff. Chefstein not only produces and collects data, it also analyses it. It is, therefore, not just a tracking tool, but also a kitchen management tool that utilises artificial intelligence.

    “All business follows the results from different processes and utilises the information collected from them in business management. With Chefstein, this is now possible even in professional kitchens where we will be the first actors in the sector to utilise a completely new kind of technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence,” Chairman of the Board Peter Fredman of Fredman Group Oy says.

    Knowledge management allows professional kitchens to function better in all fields by minimising food waste and producing happier kitchen professionals and more satisfied customers. In the end, knowledge management makes a restaurant’s business more effective and improves its profitability.

    “Utilising digital services and data doesn’t compete with the professional skills and human views of a chef. On the contrary, they support and facilitate the work of a chef. By increasing the efficiency of business and automating routines, the chef will have an increased opportunity to focus on the things that only a human can do. An intelligent kitchen is not only more profitable, but also better and more creative,” Peter Fredman says.