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Maipú 374, Buenos Aires

Azul Natural Beef - Devesa, is a leading producer of high quality meat products.

Our company is founded through the partnership of two families with a trajectory in the beef industry and cattle raising surpassing one century of presence both in Europe and Argentina.

Vertical integration helps Devesa to guarantee 100% traceability, and grants full control over every step of the production process, starting from treating cattle gently and housed in comfort, to complying with strict nutritional and breeding standards applied to achieve a rich flavor and the required marbling of demanding customers, without hormones or antibiotics.

Processing takes place at our state of the art processing plant located in Azul, just in the center of Buenos Aires Province allowances the company the purchase of high quality livestock of young and British Genetics from nearby breeders. Using the latest machine technology, we produce high-end cuts to customer specifications and we export beef to all global markets, including halal and kosher.

We acknowledge the importance of animal welfare and we act according to international standards.

We are committed to conduct our activities with due care and regard for the environment. Through continuous improvement in our process we strive to achieve a high standard of environmental performance across all areas of our business.