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Artekno Oy

Artekno Oy



Artekno Oy is a manufacturer and importer specialised in technical plastic products. Artekno’s products range from food packaging and packaging parts to technical reinforced plastic, cellular plastic, PDCPD and polyurethane products. We offer high product quality, reactive service, adaptability and proven product durability. Artekno’s expertise in technical plastics and close design co-operation ensure the success of collaborative projects. We offer you a comprehensive delivery from the mould making to finished end-products.


Product news

  • Artekno the pioneer of biodegradable cell foam

    Artekno is the first in the Nordic Countries to implement a biodegradable cell foam material in production. The material is a corn starch (PLA) based closed-cell foam, which can partially replace EPS and EPP cell foam, where applicable. The biodegradable cell foam gives the possibility to an ecological solution in a situation, where a product can not reasonable be reused.

    Completely degradable, strong structure

    Biodegradable cell foam material decomposes within 8 weeks according to standard of compostability of bioplastics EN 13432. The standard evaluates compostability in industrial composting plants.

    Biodegradable cell foam has a strong structure and a solid surface. Material colour is light brown. The material is a direct substitute for EPP cell foam material. Biodegradable cell foam properties are in between EPP and EPS materials. Material density is 35-45g/l.