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At Smartum, we believe everyone should live life to the fullest instead of simply coping or getting by. We feel this should also apply to working life, which is why we have redefined the concept of wellbeing at work and want to introduce new ways of maintaining and promoting work ability. Our new approach is designed to improve the overall quality of life and, while doing so, to strengthen Finland’s competitiveness.

It’s important to understand and accept that no two individuals are alike. When employees’ individual needs are addressed, they feel better, they are more committed, and they can do just about anything. Our approach is more than big words – it delivers competitive advantage. To tap into this advantage, we need to join forces to create a culture that provides opportunities instead of setting limitations. Smartum is a family business that was established in 1995. Our more than 13,000 corporate customers offer various Smartum benefits to their nearly one million employees.