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Suomen Viljava Oy

Suomen Viljava Oy



Suomen Viljava Ltd
The Reliable Professional in Grain Storage and Handling

Viljava has manufactured almost 20 years healthy and gluten-free oat ingredients in our Kokemäki mill. During the past 2 years we have launched Viljavan plant protein product family of our own, covering fava bean protein concentrate and other ingredients for all kinds of food and beverage applications.
Furthermore, we also produce protein concentrate as toll manufacturer from different pea varieties.

Suomen Viljava is the leading Finnish company in grain logistics specializing in storage and handling. We serve, in addition to domestic market, companies operating in export, import and transit trade in and around northeastern Europe.

Suomen Viljava operates in 19 different storage locations in Finland. The silo plants of Rauma, Naantali, Helsinki, Loviisa and Kotka are situated at ports. These ports are able to serve ships year-round.

Suomen Viljava fulfills the handling- and storage requirements of GTP (Coceral's Good Trading Practise) standards and has the certificate to proove it. Viljava's storage in Kokemäki has the FSSC 22000 certificate. And three of Viljava's port storages are USDA registered: Loviisa, Naantali and Rauma.