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Porlammin Meijeri Oy

Porlammin Meijeri Oy


FI-07820 Porlammi

The Porlammi dairy is an independent cooperative owned by its milk producers; today, it is the only cheese factory still in operation in Southern Finland. As a small, independent cheese factory, we invest, not only in good taste, but in our customers. Cheese from the Porlammi cheese factory are manufactured using modern technology but with almost hundred years of experience and good taste. Therefore we are constantly investing in product development to offer restaurants and cheese counters flavors they will remember forever.


Product news

  • Vegan PLUS cheese

    New Vegan PLUS cheeses are available. Added with protein, vitamins, calcium and taste. New Vegan PLUS cheeses are working very well also in food making; like the normal Cheese. Available also in catering packages as shredded and slices.

  • Vegan PLUS shredded cheese

    New innovation. Vegan PLUS shredded cheese

  • Vegan PLUS slices

    New innovation, Vegan PLUS slices; just like original cheese.