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SP Hygiene Innovations Oy



SP Hygiene Innovations Ltd. was established in 2004. We are a well known company, especially health professionals. Our company office and warehouse facilities are located in Hollola terveystie 14. From there, there are borne to deliver about 10 000 deliveries per year. SP Hygiene Innovations Ltd. is classified as Finland's best companies, starting in 2007. In September 2014, we celebrated the company's 10th anniversary. Today, the main product of our group is a touch-free soap Gojo® equipment and Purell® disinfection equipment. SP Hygiene Innovations Ltd. is the largest community Purell® wholesale and Finland's largest Gojo® products distributor. In May 2014 SP Hygiene Innovations Ltd. was recognized for the manufacturer of the good and the quality of their work. SP Hygiene Innovations appreciated by the world's best GOJO products sales oriented company. - Mike Sullivan, managing director of GOJO Industries. Gojo products are sold in more than 70 countries.

SP Hygiene Innovations Oy is known among other things brands RaiCas®, Betewipe®, SPX® Puuma® Purell® and Gojo®. Importer, or the creator of the brand will respond with product quality and integrity. We export our activities towards sustainable development and strive to find and develop cooperation with laboratories and customers with new practical products, such as Betewipe® disinfecting cloth. When a customer buys directly from the SP Hygiene Innovations Ltd avoid his dealer for the additional flow that we deliver the products without expensive middlemen. Co-operation is effective when we take care of the customer from start to finish. For us the important values are the co-operation, customer appreciation, integrity and social responsibility compliance.

SP Hygiene Innovations Ltd is a sign of reliability and comprehensive service. All our products are tested. Our products can be found in well-stocked pharmacies around the country. A reliable partner - SP Hygiene Innovations Ltd., starting in 2004.