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Löfbergs Lila AB - OOH (Horeca) Finland

Löfbergs Lila AB - OOH (Horeca) Finland


SE-65121 Karlstad

Löfbergs Coffee Group is one of the Nordic region’s
biggest family-owned coffee businesses, but our history
began 112 years – or four generations – ago. We have been
passionate about great tasting coffee with a vision for
a sustainable world right from the start. Today, we are
a bunch of devoted coffee lovers operating in Northern
Europe and Canada, sharing the passion for taste, trends
and sustainability. And for securing great coffee for
tomorrow. Coffee is still the core of our business and
we are constantly developing new products and looking
for business opportunities that can add value to our
increasingly international group.
Lofbergs Coffee Group was founded in 1906 by the
brothers Anders, John and Josef Lofberg. We started
roasting our own coffee in Karlstad back in 1911. Today,
we are one of the Nordic region’s biggest family-owned
coffee businesses, producing the equivalent of more than
10 million cups of coffee every day. The company is still
fully owned by the Lofberg family, now in its third and
fourth generations, and a passion for great tasting coffee
has been part of the company since its inception.
Our commitment to sustainability has also been with
us since the beginning. We are a value-driven family
business, taking a long-term perspective on our
operations without standing still at all. Our heritage
together with our desire to continually evolve and remain
at the cutting edge are our strengths on a fast moving
and highly competitive market.


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