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Herkkumaa Oy


FI-14820 Hämeenlinna -Tuulos

Pure flavours of nature since 1987

In our products we preserve the Finnish summer, with nature’s own pure flavours. In our wide range can be found tasty preserves, delicious jams and juices and condiment sauces for every connoisseur treat.

For the products of Herkkumaa are selected only the highest quality raw materials that have matured in the fields of selected producers under ideal conditions. Pure flavors arrive at Finnish dinner tables preserved in genuine spices.
The recipes of Herkkumaa offer tastes to remember.

The recipes of Herkkumaa pay respect to Finnish traditions and tastes. The three generations-long experience of our family business in food preparation provides the raw materials with the eternal summer.
Welcome to the world of flavours!


Product news

  • Devil’s Tomato Salsa 260 g

    Devil’s Tomato Salsa 260 g

    This tasty temptation is easy to succumb to! The new Devil’s Tomato Salsa is a more tomato-y salsa for your Mexican kitchen. It is preservative free and gluten free, with no added sugar. Tomato Salsa’s dipping-ready jar was designed for dipping nachos and vegetables. Perfect filling for tacos, burritos and tortillas. Just add Devil’s Tomato Salsa and dinner is ready.

  • Herkkumaa Devil’s Salad Hot is a fiery devil’s salad,

    Herkkumaa Devil’s Salad Hot is a fiery devil’s salad, which will set your world afire. Still, the pleasantly burning Devil’s Salad Hot is not an infernal destroyer of the taste buds. This tomato-based salad gets its kick from chilies and jalapenos and with a gentle yet firm grip it takes you to the devil’s orchard. Let the Devil seduce you – open the seal and taste the salad of the sinned.

    Devil’s Salad Hot suits tacos, tortillas and Mexican cuisine perfectly – or it goes well as a dip, a filling or in a salad. The well-bodied burn will also cheer up your everyday food – always keep a jar of this salad in your immediate presence.

    If you are looking for the well-mannered and soft spoken step-sister of this hottie, try Devil’s Salad Mild.

  • Tomato Ketchup 10 kg

    Tomato Ketchup 10 kg

    Herkkumaa’s tomato ketchup gets its flavour from the large amount of tomato: as much as 174 grams of fresh tomatoes have been used for every 100 grams of ketchup. For the best ketchup in Finland, we only use the traditional ketchup flavourings: vinegar, sugar and salt.

    Packed in an easy-to-open 10 kg rectangular container. The rectangular container saves up to 33% of space compared with a round container of the same volume.