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Porokylän Leipomo Oy

Porokylän Leipomo Oy


FI-75500 Nurmes

Porokylän Leipomo is a family-owned business, founded in 1983.
Our specialty is handmade bakery products with taste, consistent quality, and good service.
We employ over 120 people in two bakeries. The bakeries are based in the cities of Nurmes and Lieksa in Eastern Finland.
The bakery in Lieksa is dedicated only for gluten-free baking. Our gluten-free products suit everyone.
In the Nurmes bakery, we bake, for example, traditional Finnish rye bread, Karelian pasties, sweet pastries and kukko (a dish of meat and/or vegetables baked inside a loaf of bread).
Our products bring good energy into an active lifestyle and everyday life.