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Caminito Oy

Caminito Oy


01051 LASKUT

Caminito Oy is a Finnish ice cream manufacturer located in Espoo, near Helsinki. We have been working for 10 years and our market area is all Finland and also exporting to Europe.
We produce our Artisan Ice Creams from the beginning and develop the products according to the need of our customers. We are specialized to Private Label -projects.
We use domestic pasteurized milk and cream to our cream ice creams. The main ingredients have been selected from different parts of the world via European providers according to what we think is the best. For example, the sea-buckthorn and the lingonberry come from Northern Finland, chocolate from Belgium, vanilla from Tahiti, Dulce de Leche toffee from Argentina...
In our broad selection of packaging, we would like to mention the following:
- Consumer packaging:
*80 ml, 100 ml and 136ml with a spoon or without
*Novelty 2019: standard size Cones and Calippo ice pops.
- Hotels, Restaurants, Catering:

Welcome to try out some ice cream samples!