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Ab Korv-Görans Kebab Oy

Ab Korv-Görans Kebab Oy



Ab Korv-Görans Kebab Oy is a family own growing company from Jakobstad, founded in 1988. The modern plant employs 30 people and we have a certificate of quality for our business. Our strategy is to be the leading company within our expertise, both in our home region and in the nearby areas.

We manufacture frozen meat products, sauces are also a part of our product assortment. Our main product is kebab, adapted for different customer categories. Number one of our sauces is the popular kebab sauce.

Our products are well known in fast food but we have also established a good position as a HoReCa supplier and also gaining ground in retail business. We manufacture private label products and sub-contracting is growing year by year. Our main goal in product development is to be able to provide qualitatively good and cost effective products also in the future. We reached a big goal in this area in autumn 2012 when we began to use a highly modern IQF-tunnel (individually quick freezer). This makes our products more easy to use and preserves the freshness within the product.

Our customers do value the quality and taste of our products and that, like food safety, are cornerstones in our business. We prefer Finnish meat raw materials and try to minimize the use of additives.

Ab Korv-Görans Kebab Oy was licensed ISO 22000 certificate by Bureau Veritas in 2008.