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Saarioinen Foodservice

Saarioinen Foodservice


FI-33100 Tampere

Saarioinen has over 60 year long experience of cooking all of our favourite foods in Finland. Saarioinen is a Finnish family run business and has a turnover around 300 m€. Saarioinen is by far the leading ready meals producer in Finland. Our roots are in Kangasala & Sahalahti, from the Saris manson. Outside Sahalahti, the delicisous product are being prepared also in Valkeakoski, Huittinen and in Rapla, Estonia. We are alltogether around 1 300 proud workers. We play a major role in preserving the Finnish food tradition and also creating new favourite foods together with the Finnish consumers. Delicious food from our mothers since 1957 - www.saarioinen.fi