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DENCON Foods Finland

DENCON Foods Finland


02231 Espoo

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DENCON Foods imports and distributes a wide range of meat and food products from all over the world, enriching the Finnish food culture by bringing new alternatives and high-quality products.

Following are our main product categories:

▶ Big Al’s ”Best Burgers In Town”
”When you want to offer your customers the best burgers in town!" Get familiar with the assortment and ask us questions.

▸ John Stone dry aged
▸ Hereford
▸ The Prime Burger with smoked sea salt - our hit item.
▸ Tex Mex theme, no problem! – Jalapeno or Chipotle flavored hamburger patties.
▸ Flame-cooked fast burgers - 3 different sizes.
▸ Italian Twist - 3 different tastes

▶ Fingerfoods
▸ Equally shaped, high-quality fingerfoods-products. Fast to prepare, your customer will them - even the spicy Chili Cheese Nuggets!

▶ High-quality meat and poultry assortment
From our wide range of different meats, you will find your favorite to serve each occasion.

▸ Campovilla Iberico pork meat - this moments hottest global trend
▸ Gourmet Quality poultry includes duck, goose, guinea fowl, corn-fed chicken, and pigeon.

▶ Nice Fruit
▸ Patented IQF freezing of the ripest fruits like orange part, mango chunks, and strawberry halves - you will never believe the product has been frozen.
▸ No loss of liquid or vitamins! No need to heat or cook before use. Cost efficient, easy to use, same or better taste than fresh!
▸ Total reduce of waste - products are ready for use, frozen or defrosted. No additives - 100% natural product.

▶ Like Meat
▸Produced from 100% natural vegetable ingredients, GMO-free. Wide and high-quality vegan assortment. "Vegetable foods are high risers".

▶ Superfoods
▸ Fully cooked, IQF frozen beans, lentils, and kvinoa. No metal waste, no liquids, very efficient and high quality.
▸ No additives, no salt - 100% natural product.

We're passionate about high-quality meat and it is the foundation of our business. Each year we travel the world, seeking out new and exciting products and always focusing carefully on quality when we visit our suppliers. At the end of the day, it is high-quality producers who provide the biggest sales successes with our customers and the best culinary experience for consumers.

We deliver goods on a daily basis to all local retail chains and wholesalers, from our own premises in Haderslev as well as from Vantaa, Finland. We are IFS-logistics certified.

Our motto is to supply you with the best service and products, therefore our slogan: "Quality In Every Bite".