Solids Rotterdam 2015 - Ahoy Rotterdam, 30 September - 01 October 2015

Trade show for powder & bulk solids technologies

Promati - SGT sa/nv

Promati  - SGT sa/nv

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1390 Grez Doiceau

Sales of conveyor components: Belle Banne belt scrapers, wheel roller, conveyor pulleys, rubber seals, magnetic separators and metal detectors, dedusting.
We can offer both components as well as installation, consulting and maintenance.
Your benefits:
- The expertise and solid craftsmanship in the industry, who are at your disposal to resolve your technical issues
- Flexible intervention teams, carrying out the installation and maintenance of our products


  • High efficiency scraper Blue-Line BP1

    By the combination with RTAM (= Rubber Torsion Arm Mounting), this scraper can avoid belt damage due to the absorption of an external force. The lighter and cost-saving blade has a continuous contact on the belt surface so that it can ensure the pressure. Besides, the BP1 scrapers are delivered with are new “All-in-One” support system, quick and easy to install on new and/or existing belt conveyors.

  • Wear Plates "Belle Liner"

    The wear plates "Belle Liner" is a unique product on the market. The durability of ceramics is combined with the elasticity of rubber and provides a durable and flexible solution for wear and impact problems in chutes. The specific manufacturing process allows it to do a hot vulcanization in one single step of the three components (ceramics, rubber and steel plate). In this way an optimal bonding of the ceramic plates and a higher service life is guaranteed. This makes the life span 24x longer than steel and up to 6 times longer than Hardox. In extreme cases, the standard aluminum oxide may be replaced by silicon carbide, which offers a better resistance to wear and permits a higher impact.


    Dust control for bulk items

  • Conveyor Pulleys

    We offer a wide range of high-quality drums for conveyors. We build according to your plans and your requirements, with short delivery times and very competitive prices. Available as required with welded shafts or with keyless locking devices.
    Various options available:
    • Drive pulleys
    • Tail pulleys
    • Snub Pulley
    All drums are available with crowning or cylindrical surface. Our standard lagging is 8 or 10 mm thick, profiled, ± 65 ° Shore and hot vulcanized. All other coatings, with, for example. Ceramic, are also possible.

  • Top-Rol

    Quality steel conveyor rollers for industrial applications


    Permanent magnets for automatic separation of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles.
    Applications Recycling: Foods, Mineral Processing, Ceramics, Chemicals, Cullet, Incinerator Ash, Silica Sand


    Suspended permanent magnetic separators or overband magnets are positioned over moving conveyor belts or in a chute for the purpose of removing ferrous contaminants from bulk product flows.


    A comprehensive and diverse range of non-ferrous metal separators providing unique separation solutions for the dynamically changing
    recycling industry.


    Electro and Permanent Scrap Drum Magnets for automatic separation of heavy ferrous during scrap
    metal processing such as meatballs or armature assemblies.


    Eriez new FinesSort Metal Recovery System is the ultimate in fine particle metal reclamation.
    FinesSort ’s series of powerful magnetic components recover valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    from the fines waste stream in scrap yards. This system not only reduces the amount of waste destined for landfill,
    but reclaims valuable material.


    Eriez ProSort II ™ systems improve metal separation while operating at a fraction of the cost of air power metal sorters.
    Ideal for the scrap metals market, the new ProSort II™ airless metal recovery system uses high resolution metal sensors
    aligned with a new inverted paddle mechanism to improve recovery of valuable metals from waste material.

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