Solids Rotterdam 2015 - Ahoy Rotterdam, 30 September - 01 October 2015

Trade show for powder & bulk solids technologies

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Kemp BV

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KEMP BV is an engineering firm for production companies working in the bulk industry. In addition, companies are supported from the development of a new site, the design, implementation and set up maintenance (system).
Also for adjusting and improving existing processes KEMP helps these companies to find an optimal solution.
Expertise: bulk storage, dosing, mixing, transporting, packaging.
In Rotterdam, we also represent the products of MBA Instruments (sensors) and the SMB group.
The latter specializes in the field of ship loading (bulk and general cargo), filling systems for liquid, palletizing and automatic warehouses.


  • MLA1000 stationary, continuous conductivity measurement system

    Petroleum products with low electrical conductivity can become electrostatically charged at high flow speeds and may ignite as a result of a spark. Additives are therefore added to kerosene (Jet-A-1) and light mineral oils to increase conductivity in order to dissipate the electrostatic charge to the tank or pipeline wall. Precise metering of the additive in accordance with the actual conductivity level is now possible thanks to constant conductivity measurement using the MLA1000. The 4-20mA current conductivity signal controls the additive metering pump fully automatically.

    The measurement system utilises the flow speed within a pipeline
    Although a comparatively strong flow of 0.5 – 7 m/s occurs within the pipeline itself, the flow speed within the measuring probe is reduced through the small size of its in-flow and out-flow openings. Accordingly, the resulting laminar flow between the two electrodes within the probe permanently suppresses polarisation, yielding highly accurate, real-time conductivity and temperature values.

    As with the MLA900 hand-held device, functional testing on the MLA1000 involves the placement of a magnet that closes the test contact, thereby producing a pre-set reading. The additional use of a coupling (optional) allows the probe to be removed during pipeline operation.


    For all bulk goods. Individual paddle size. Selectable parameter-sets.

    Direct drive without gearbox, powerful motor with miniature paddle, selectable pre-set parameter combinations for universal use – those are the main features of the new MBA800 rotating paddle series for level measurement. The adjustment of the different motor control parameters can be adapted for different types of bulk goods and their behaviour in the respective application. These individual pre-adjustments of the stepper-motor regarding the switching behaviour, speed, stoppage detection and freewheeling test can be selected in any way with 8 parameter sets. Other variations of the MBA800 series can be used independently of the desired paddle size in all bulk materials.

Product news

  • MBA888; Digital Point Level Measurement

    The No. 1 of maintenance free, all-purpose electronic rotating paddle measurement for point level measuring.
    5 Rotations per minute (rpm)
    low torque = high sensibility for all applications
    reversing a motor
    Signal delay 3 sec
    Connection via 4-pin-plug (M12)
    Cable and plug included
    24V DC
    MBA888: the Plug-and-Play-Version of the instrument series MBA800.

    The level measurement series with stepper-motor and with stepper-motor-owned magnetic slipping clutch. A patent owned by MBA Instruments GmbH.

    save installation costs with easy to connect 4-pin-plug
    save repair costs with maintenance free operation
    avoid faulty switching by reversing a motor

  • New! MBA800 - rotating paddle with stepper-motor

    For all bulk goods. Individual paddle size. Selectable parameter-sets.

    Direct drive without a gearbox, powerful motor with miniature wing, pre-adjustable and selectable parameter sets for universal use - these are the main features of the MBA800 with rotating wing for level measurement. This sensor is a real allrounder from light to heavy bulk materials.

    The idea is old, but it was never implemented. The inspiration for the implementation of these ideas was the MBA-owned patent for magnetic coupling. The idea of the magnetic coupling has now been developed as an integral part of permanent magnetic synchronous motors. The direct drive variable speed motor control, parameters can be coordinated so that the various functions of the sensor can be adapted to different types of bulk materials and their properties in the application. So these individual adjustments of the stepper motor on the switching behavior, speed, detection and arrest-free switching can be selected in the sensor head.

    It is this parameter selection which makes the MBA800 unique. It has already proved its worth several times in the various field trials. Interested? We are happy to inform you.

  • Vibrating paddle vibrates at a frequency of 290 Hz in all types of bulk material.

    Reliable level measurement with patented vibrating single rod

    Sticking of bulk material between the fork rakes (as it is noticed very often at a vibrating fork) is impossible with the vibrating single rod technology. The measuring procedure is not bound to the type of bulk material. Consequently the MBA 700 is well applied for frequently changing materials especially for powder materials.

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