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Dahlman Filter Services BV

Dahlman Filter Services BV

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Based on an old familiy business founded in 1886, Dahlman has grown to be a major supplier of tailor made solutions to the Oil,Gas & (Petro)Chemical, Power and Renewable Energy markets. In 2011 Dahlman honorably received the "Royal" designation from former Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. The company has not forgotten its roots and how it reached its current position. At Royal Dahlman transparent business values are combined with high tech solutions which are realized in modern engineering and production facilities.

An important aspect of the company's business is the dedication in selecting the best technology for our customers. This gives Royal Dahlman an unique edge in the market place since we are not tied to using any particular system or method.

Royal Dahlmans commitment to finding solutions for you does not stop when the system is delivered. A dedicated team is available for you, who can provide you with essential filter consumables, at most attractive price levels. Once again our independence plays a key role in the selection of the spare parts that we hold in stock. Royal Dahlman can supply almost any type and brand of filters via our large warehouse facilities in Elsloo in the south of Holland. As a long established company our aim is to build-up long term relationships with our clients, based on trust and our reputation for delivering quality and value for money.


  • After Sales Services

    The service provided by Royal Dahlman does not stop with the installation and start-up of the fitration equipment supplied. Thanks to extensive collaboration within the organisation as well as with representatives accross the globe, Royal Dahlman is able to provide the entire After Sales Service package for its customers.

    Dahlman Filter Services philosophy is applied to all stages of any project, this is to support the best fit in the customer's investment approach.

    Early project involvement combined with an integrated filter design approach to ensure optimum and most economic filter element usage during the life span of the filtration equipment
    Whenever feasible, new equipment engineered with existing filter package to achieve customer's standardisation
    Incorporate new spare parts from completed equipment projects within existing Key Supply Contracts
    Provide consultancy and recommendations for filter systems with guaranteed quality and reliability for its customers
    Periodical inquiries as to the functioning of the filtration system supplied to ensure optimum performance

  • Filtration Spare Parts & Equipment

    As a total and independent supplier in filtration Dahlman Filter Services offers its customers a wide range of filtration systems and filter replacement parts in which quality and service are paramount.

    Liquid filtration
    Liquid- and Gas separation
    (Hot) Gas filtration
    Air filtration
    Dust filtration
    Polymer filtration
    As a filter specialist for the (petro) chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for the energy sector, we offer customised solutions to each filtration principle. We can provide custom made solutions for both new construction and the replacement market, but we also have standard equipment in our product range. Dahlman Filter Services is not tied to a specific make or brand, but plays an independent role in the filtration market. Our role as a manufacturer and distributor therefore makes us the ideal partner in the supply of a total package of filters.

  • Maintenance & Cleaning Services

    Our years of experience as a filtration specialist also make the Dahlman Filter Services division the perfect partner for service and maintenance of all common filtration systems. Royal Dahlman offers its own team of service engineers who with their specialist knowledge and skills can maintain any filter regardless of the filtration application and or manufacturer.

    Obviously these maintenance activities can be combined with inventory management and delivery of spare parts provided by Royal Dahlman, allowing us to take care of the replacement process in one go. Additionally Royal Dahlman is experienced in closing separate maintenance contracts with various companies with which we will conduct maintenance at fixed or variable moments.

    Royal Dahlman identifies the following as part of its maintenance activities;

    Removal of contaminated filter elements
    Checking for any defects in filter units
    Repair of any defects
    Cleaning the filter housing
    Installation of new filter elements
    Correct environmental disposal of contaminated filter elements
    Optimisation of filter
    Dahlman Filter Services is SCC Petrochemical (VCA Petrochemicals) certified within which we will also meet the most specific requirements for the petrochemical industry.

    You are also at the right address with Royal Dahlman for cleaning jobs, both in Europe and the Middle East GCC. Various types of filter elements (mostly stainless steel filter cartridges and/or baskets) can be cleaned on demand by Royal Dahlman, making them reusable and saving on unnecessary repurchasing.

    There are various cleaning methods available;

    Ultrasonic cleaning
    Chemical cleaning
    High temperature cleaning
    Water jets
    Steam cleaning
    Considering the fact that there are several methods for the cleaning of filter elements it is important to know all the data concerning the material of the filter elements and process conditions so that the correct cleaning principle can be chosen.

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