Solids Rotterdam 2015 - Ahoy Rotterdam, 30 September - 01 October 2015

Trade show for powder & bulk solids technologies

Benzlers Radicon

Benzlers Radicon

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HX59DA Elland

Production and Service for Gearboxes, Drives, Couplings, Industrial Reducers, Screwjacks, Planetary Drives and Specials, according to the very latest technologies to achieve the best efficiency, low noise level and long life.

Benzlers head office for central Europe is located in Venlo and does assembly, service coordination and special manufacturing for Benzlers, Radicon and Elecon. Our World wide distribution network is trained to provide service to the highest standards.


  • Screwjack Systems

    Our Screwjacks with their wide torque range and our extensive experience assembling complete packages ensures that we can help you solve your difficult linear motion design challenges.

  • Industrial Gearboxes (Series G and Series E)

    We will be exhibiting our production of modular gearboxes for standard motors.

    The Series G and Series E industrial gearboxes have been designed to meet the requirements of today's demanding applications in the medium and heavy-duty sector of the power transmission market, such as Conveying, Solid Processing and other Material Handling drive applications. The Innovative modular design technology has minimized manufactured part count to maximize availability of product.

    We will also have a see-through Acrylic version of our EON Industrial Reducer.

    * Select "Industrial Gearboxes" option from products tab.

  • Geared Motors (Series M, C, F & K)

    Modular geared motors with IEC adaptor for retrofit standard motors. Interchangeble with most German or European brands.

    * Select "Geared Motors" option from products tab to read more.

  • Series BS Compact Worm Gears

    We will be exhibiting our Series BS Compact Worm Gear units which have a compact design with high torque capacity. Series BS can be sold as a gearbox or as a complete geared motor. These units have proven very reliable in tough applications again and again.

  • Couplings

    We will be exhibiting our range of Couplings including:

    Elflex Pin & Bush - Flexible Couplings
    Elign Gear Couplings
    Nylicon Gear Couplings

    * Select "Flexible Couplings" option from products tab to read more.

  • Series J Sala Gear

    The Series J shaft mounted geared motor is a very user-friendly unit. It is easy to mount and dismount using our patented KIBO* system as well as easy to service on the rare occasions that a service is necessary.

    * KIBO is a bore bushing system using taper bushes that facilitates easy installation and always guarantees removal from the drive machine. The flexibility of KIBO allows fitting to different shaft sizes and bore combinations.

  • Series P - Planetary Gears

    The Series P, Planetary gear range, takes advantage of our many years of accumulated design expertise, together with the use of high quality materials and components.

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