Solids Rotterdam 2015 - Ahoy Rotterdam, 30 September - 01 October 2015

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Bascules Robbe nv

Bascules Robbe nv

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8820 Torhout

Manufacture and distributor of weighing equipment


  • Big Bag filling system 710/XL with vibration table

    Big Bag filling system 710/XL with vibration table
    + Gross weigher
    + Open mouth bags or valve bags
    + Own design and manufacturing

    Gross-automatic bagging system ROBBE model 710/L + vibrator is provided with full automatic
    control and suited for filling products in big bags.

  • Siemens Siwarex Belt Scales

    Belt scales are interesting when you want to measure goods in a continuous process. Siemens belt scales are known for their high precision, combined with a high output.
    Bascules Robbe sells, installs and maintains Siemens belt scales.
    For further information, don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Automatic discontinuous totalizing bulk hopper scale 400m³/h

    The BR200xl hopper scale has been designed for dry free flowing bulk (cacao, coffee beans, cereals, soya-meal …), with a capacity of 200t/h. This fully automatic scale has been equipped with the latest electronics from world class manufacturers such as Siemens, Leroy Somer, Schneider... The brain of the machine comes from our own 9306 weight indicator, which has already proven his reliability and sturdiness in many of our realized projects. We can also offer a MID approved version of the BR200xl.
    The weighing data can be collected over the intranet directly on a server (wifi is also possible) or over the profibus protocol. The BR200xl can be loaded with a conveyor or with a bulldozer. The upper bin can stock up to 12m3 of materials, resulting in a continuous weighing process with capacity well over 200t/h. The weigh hopper has a capacity of 3,5m3. The conveyor with 2,5m3 hopper takes care of the discharged product. The BR200xl can be installed inside and outside. It can also be customized to be installed in a hazardous environment.

  • Fine Dosage System Robbe

    Bascules Robbe received the request to redevelop and improve an existing system to mix medicated feed. This request came from the Belgian Feed Manufacturers’ Federation, BEMEFA-APFACA.
    The Fine Dosage System has been designed to be able to fabricate medicated feed, without the risk of carry-over of small traces of medicines in the factory or in the compartment of the bulk transport.
    The FDS system blends the medication homogeneously in with the feed coming directly from the bulk compartment on the truck. We hereby take account of the national regulations, such as a description of the security process and recovery percentages of the medicine.
    The process of the FDS systems can be described in 3 steps:
    First of all, the veterinarian prescribes a medicine for certain animals. The farmer will then place an order for this medicated feed.
    Secondly, at the feed producing factory, the person responsible for the medicated feed will prepare a container with medication. Here for he will have to use the specially designed Robbe FDS software and weighing scale. Each container has a unique identification number (mechanically and electronically) and after the input of the needed medication, the software will present the amount of containers needed for the delivery to this farm.
    The truck driver will load his bulk feed and also the specific container(s). At the same time, the information from the filling station will be transferred to the truck’s computer (via USB-stick or WIFI)
    At the farm, the truck driver will use the touch screen pc at the back of his truck and select the correct farmer. Then the program will ask the needed container(s) and once placed upon the dosing system, the program will check for an amount of parameters. Only when all of these parameters accord to the data from the software of the filling station, the computer will release the medicine in the container.
    By following this process, the human error factor has been reduced to 0!
    Since the FDS system is programmed so, that the medication has to be processed within a certain margin of the total feed, the remaining margin of the feed is used to clean the pipes and thereby firmly reducing the risk of carry-over of veterinary products.

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