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Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH

Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH

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Buss-SMS-Canzler is one of the leading international suppliers of solutions for the thermal separation of mixtures that are difficult to handle. We are the leading supplier of thin film evaporation technology in the world. We develop and manufacture machines and plants for drying , evaporation , processing highly viscous materials and membrane technology .

Our Test Centre in Pratteln is equipped with 20 pilot plants for testing all kinds of products. Our testing capabilities allow us to develop customer specific process solutions by applying tailor made equipment and complete systems.

We work worldwide for renowned companies in industries such as: plastics, fibre, polymers, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, oleo and petrochemicals, fine, basic and biochemicals, foods and pharmaceuticals, as well as companies working on environmental and energy problems. Buss-SMS-Canzler accompanies you as consultant, designer and manufacturer through all project stages: from process layout, engineering , mechanical design, manufacturing and documentation, to installation, start-up and after-sales service .
The Buss-SMS-Canzler range of dryers
carries out the following process
steps: drying, cooling, heating, calcining,
reacting, mixing, sublimation
and sterilisation.
The product range covers heating temperatures
of -20°C to 400°C, process
pressures of 0,01 to 30 bar and residence
times from seconds up to several

Drying Technology
Buss-SMS-Canzler offers a program of dryers using different operating principles tailored to meet the individual process requirements when treating products with particular characteristics and specific drying behaviour.
Vertical and horizontal thin film dryers with thin product layers on the heat exchange surface, the ROVACTOR® with specific paddles to convey lumpy wet feed, the REACTOTHERM® with
self-cleaning hooks for sticky products as well as the CFT dryer with its mechanically agitated fluid bed are technically mature solutions for a large variety of different drying applications.


  • Rovactor Segmented Disc Dryer

    The ROVACTOR® is an efficient contact processor which provides a high local mixing effect for the treatment of filter cakes, powders and pellets. The ROVACTOR® consists of a cylindrical or trough shaped body and a hollow agitator shaft fitted with special paddles in form of segmental discs.
    Heating or cooling is provided indirectly by means of steam or a transfer fluid via the segmented rotor discs and the jacketed body.
    Continuous or batch processes under vacuum, atmospheric pressure or overpressure are possible. Product residence
    times can be adjusted in a large range. The processor can be
    easily protected against wear and tear.

  • CFT - Combi Fluidization Technology

    The Combi Fluidization Technology combines contact and fluidized bed drying, and has its strengths in the economic treatment of sludges and pastes that are difficult to handle. The fluidized bed in the horizontal dryer is produced mechanically, by a rotating paddle system.
    For processes under atmospheric pressure, steam can be applied as additional heat transfer medium and also serves as inertization.

  • Horizontal Thin Film Dryer

    The horizontal thin film dryer from Buss-SMS-Canzler offers the following features:
    - Continuous, fully enclosed processing
    - Short residence time, small product hold-up
    - Low energy consumption
    - Superior mixing efficiency
    - Flexible through exchangeable rotor elements
    - Self-cleaning of heat exchange surface
    - Easy access
    - High heat transfer coefficient

  • Vertical Thin Film Dryer

    The vertical thin film dryers are characterised by the following features:
    - Continuous processing of liquid and pumpable products to get dry solids in one step
    - Gentle treatment of products thanks to short residence time and – if necessary – operation under vacuum
    - Fully enclosed design to treat explosive, toxic and hazardous substances
    - Complete recovery of solvents
    - Contact drying to ensure optimal energy utilization
    - Self-cleaning of heat exchange surface, hence a constant high heat transfer

Product news

  • Thin film drying of sewage sludge

    Thin film dryers are increasingly used for the pre-drying or full drying of sludges from municipal as well as industrial plants is a mandatory process step in many cases. The following drying degrees can be classified:
    Pre-drying to
    • 35 to 50% dry solid content prior to incineration in fluidized bed incinerators
    • 65 to 75% dry solid content prior to composting or incineration with garbage

    Full drying to 85 to 95% dry solid content
    • prior to using as solid fuel for cement kilns or coal fired power stations, for pyrolisis, gasification or other conversion processes
    • prior to composting, agricultural use and soil reclamation
    These are typical applications, where the thin film drying process can show its advantages with an evaporation performance between 0.2 and 8 tons of water per hour.
    The thin film dryer is characterized by:
    • Single pass operation over the sticky or pasty phase; hence no back mixing of dried product
    • Low energy consumption
    • Self-cleaning heat exchange surface
    • Self-inertisation by evaporated water
    • Low operating and maintenance costs

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